Lovely Ride And RIP War Horses

After Thursday’s disastrous ride on Bella, I was avoiding riding her like nobody’s business. It was funny as I showed up, my hacking RI said, “you’re riding Shadow today, I take it?” I laughed and replied that surely that didn’t surprise her.

He was tacked up and I mounted him.

We agreed we’d all do a minute’s silence on the ride as it is Remembrance Day and a part of me was glad I was in close proximity to the horses on this sad but monumental day. Remembering the soldiers is something we all think of but thinking of all the animals that have lost their lives is important too.

We walked up the hill, and did a nice trot. I’m trying to minimise my rise and I still think I’m going too high still but we’ll see when I get back in the school.

On the field, we did a beautiful canter. Shadow was so responsive and went well. My experience with Bella has really taught me not to give up on a horse and when he trotted, I asked again and we sprang into a lovely canter.

Standing by two of the other riders, I heard a huge bang, which we’ve decided since was the cannon going off in the next town to symbolise the start of the two minutes silence. We stood there for a few moments, I stroked Shadow’s neck and mane and then quietly walked on. The quiet of a Sunday and the sound of horses hooves sludging in the mud made a slight shiver run down my back. The skies were quiet and the reflective mood was palatable.

We did another canter and he was just trotting so my RI made me come back and we went off again. Half way through, I thought he was going to gallop, that was quite funny but I steadied him up and we left the field.

Another trot which I had to go around a smaller pony to finish my trot was next then a walk down the cobbles. A final trot and then onto the back lane.

This canter was lovely and collected. He was such a good boy and the sun was beaming down on us.

I wanted to do another ride but Topaz was already taken so I asked if I could ride Shadow again. I felt like we’d get another good one.

We did!

We did the road route this time and it was just Shadow and Topaz. The girl on Topaz needed a hand which was cool but that could have been a nice ride out if she hadn’t. But hey-ho. Had one private ride out this week so not to be greedy but Shadow was on a roll today so think a ride out with him would have been mind blowing!

Lots of trotting on this ride. There was a canter part but Shadow was rushing in trot, and even the crop just made him jump. It’s the only time I used it today and the fact Topaz was rushing like a typical TB in the rain probably didn’t help my situation.

Some further trots which were fast but contained then onto the back lane.

He was rushing again, probably because Topaz took off at a speed and a half, even for him so my RI made me come back and off we went. He started fast and again, that almost upgear feeling set in but I steadied him up into a lovely canter. I love that boy! So responsive!

Lots of wet cuddles and I went and spoke to my RsO who apologised about not being able to make it and I said it was fine, wouldn’t expect anyone to drag their sick kids out and I really enjoyed being there all day. She said, I was always welcome as there is always plenty of brushing to do.

I also asked if we could change horses and I explained what had happened on thursday and she said, that’s no problem so lets hope my request is fulfilled on Thursday. Not saying I’ll never ride her again but I need a Bella break.

A funny thing did happen though while I was waiting for my second ride, I was standing outside her door and didn’t realise it until her head nudged my shoulder. It was almost like she was saying, “hi, friend”. Little monkey!

Anyway, until Thursday,



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  1. What fab rides, and just what you needed! 🙂 Bella has a sense of humour too it seems. Roll on schooling a different horse on Thursday: well done for speaking up and knowing you need a break! 🙂

  2. Ahhhhhh peace has returned 🙂 So glad to hear you got to ride Shadow – gives you faith in your ability doesn’t it? Good luck on Thursday – and of you get there and they say Bella say “Thanks, but no thanks” with a smile on your face! You’re far too patient. I’m guessing they don’t really know how much you’re stressing about it because you’re just too nice! Be reasonable but assertive about this or it’s going to spoil your hobby. And have fun 🙂

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