Little Things Can Be Big Things

I arrived this morning for my lesson and only hacking RI was there. She said, RsO would be there soon and would I like to help do some hay nets. I said sure.

While we were packing the hay nets, RsO called to say her kids were not well and she wouldn’t be able to make it. So I was asked if I wanted a ride out instead which I took. I had nothing on today so didn’t mind.

We ordered some lunch and I brushed a mare I hadn’t brushed before. Then, we tacked up and went for a ride. I was on Bella! This did not go well at all. Bella and I are in a serious rut. We thought, that riding out with no one else around, she may like to let lose. Oh no! Let lose her marish behaviour on me was more like it! Asking for a canter across the field was like pulling teeth. She wouldn’t even trot, just kept plodding in a nice leisurely walk as though there was nothing else going on in her head.

I did get a few trots on her but no canters no matter what. I did get very frustrated and possibly have pulled some muscles as she had me working so hard! I was giving her my all, she was giving me very little.

We came back, I untacked her and felt completely deflated. I confided my feelings to my RI and she said not to feel so bad as she struggles with Bella and even last week felt like giving up on her. I know that feeling.

Anyway, started to brush Shadow, and then two other horses. My hacking RI was giving the RsO an update on the phone and RsO apparently said that she was glad I was brushing as she knows I do a good job and get all between their legs and under their tummies that some of the other girls sometimes neglect to do. That made me feel quite proud. For most of my life, I’ve been told I cannot do something as well as a sighted person but today I was told I can do something pretty good. It might not seem like a big thing but it was to me.

I loved being at the yard today. Helping and not being in someone’s way. I actually helped and made a small difference. If I could help every day, I probably would.

I guess my battle with Bella will continue. I don’t think I’ll ever get that horse. Despite the fact I like her a lot, she’s a fussy pony.

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  1. What a strange week you’ve had. Sometimes you just have to admit defeat and run with it. Fingers crossed everything will slot into a better place for you next week. I think this Bella thing needs to be broken quite honestly – not by you keep riding her but by admitting that you two don’t gel.Ask if you can ride something else because they were clearly happy for you to do that when Bella was elsewhere.A break would do you good because however hard you try when you get on her all your vibes will be ‘prickly’ and she’ll be only too glad to return them 🙂

    Don’t feel guilty or bad about it either. There are very few horses you come across that you don’t click with but there are always some. (I have a few in my mind!!) Bear in mind it works both ways! Like people you can’t love everyone all of the time. I hope next week turns into a good one 🙂

  2. What a lovely comiment: I can appreciate just how massive those seemingly little things feel! 🙂

    I can second Lorraine: some people and horses just don’t gel (and it can be the horse doesn’t agree with the person, the person with the horse, or both at once). I see it happen fairly often, and I have to say I find it more often or at least more noticably with mares. That could well be you and Bella, so don’t feel deflated if that is the case!

    I take it not over-riding her didn’t work then? Bugger! I imagine you could only hurt if you were really riding her, but I also know from more ‘subtle’ horses that when the subtle, under-stated aids don’t work, you just have to use more leg and crop. I hope you haven’t been too sore from trying to find all the buttons! Clearly some days she can switch them all off, even when your expeirenced RI that knows her well can get nothing from her.

    You’re a paying customer, and often the best thing when solving a problem is walking away and coming back to it later. Don’t be afraid to demand you change horses: RSO certainly thought Topaz would make a 2nd good schooling horse when Bella was busy! 🙂

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