No Riding, No Lesson, Having withdrawals

I went up to the yard on Thursday to have my lesson. It was half term but it was OK for me to go up. So I did.

When I arrived, my Hacking RI said she was stealing Bella for the three hour hack they were going on. I shrugged and wondered if I’d be having a lesson at all.

My RSO asked if I would brush Topaz for her. So I got out my brushes and let myself into his stable. He still had his rug on so I had to take it off and put it on the rug wrack.

I gave him a good brush and half way through, my RSO informed me I’d be riding him today. I was in shock. Topaz? In the school? But I was up for a challenge.

As it happened, my hacking RI had forgot to leave the school keys and was off on the long hack. So I couldn’t have my lesson. But helped out all the same, filling hay nets and collecting water buckets. It felt good to help.

I gave Topaz a cuddle before I went and told my RsO I was looking forward to riding him in the school. So hopefully I might just get to try him in the school soon.

I made a conscious decision not to go to the yard this past weekend as I don’t really want to do thirty minute hacks anymore. I missed it dearly and hope I can sort something out.

That’s all until Thursday,


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