Halloween Week and News

This week has been a bit of an emotional one but some good has come of this week to.

Monday, we had a trainee guide dog pup stay with us as it was a potential match but after 24 hours he went home as it was not meant to be.

Wednesday, I did a walk with another instructor and received some compliments about my handling which were nice to hear. The dog they had in mind was not for me either.

This is OK with me and it will give me a little longer with Bailey pup despite the slow points and lack of confidence in the city, I kind of hoped we’d make the seven year mark together.

Wednesday afternoon, we had some fun with my nephews, Kai and Leo at a little Halloween party I gave for them.

Then on Thursday, I went riding and was offered a change of horse, Topaz of all of the horses and then we discovered no keys for the school. They’d disappeared on a three hour hack. But helped out a bit until lunchtime and then came home.

It was cold and wet and I’m glad I came home as a phone call came that afternoon to confirm I’d been put on employment and support allowance from incapacity benefit. Waiting to see if I get paid on Monday as guy said nothing had changed. We’ll see.

Last night went to my sister’s for a bonfire party. Was a real laugh and had a lot of fun.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend.

Hugs MJ

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