Guide Dog Update

Hey guys,

Thought I’d drop by and let everyone know what is happening. The dog that stayed with us on Monday went home Tuesday. Lovely little thing but really was far too strong in harness for me. To the point that my back hurt late Monday night and all day Tuesday.

They also came to assess me for another dog on wednesday but for various reasons, I declined that one. I know I’m in a good position that Bailey’s working to a point still and my cane skills can pick up where he struggles and my family are willing to sight guide in busy areas so I’d rather be a little more picky.

Having two dogs in the house was OK, in fact, better than I expected. ground rules will need to be in place of course with new dog and bailey but that will come with time.

So Bailey and I are trundling on for now. The funniest thing is he worked beatuifully yesterday and today in our local little town. That made me smile. still getting some good days out of him. Sure, wasn’t huge walks or anything but all the good points count right now.

hopefully doing a longer walk with him on Monday to the park and giving him a free run. Will see how he goes with that. Bless him.

Thanks, Marie

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