Horses Need Cheering Up To Sometimes

I didn’t have a lesson on Thursday. Unfortunately, my RI had to cancel. So I opted for two hacks today.

I rode Shadow first. We were split into two groups. Those who could canter and those who needed a hand cantering. I was in the first group.

We rode up the hill, and Shadow was behind Topaz. The two biggest horses were followed by our smallest horse on the yard. It must have been quite comical.

We had another girl take us out as my Hacking RI was with the least experienced group.

Our first trot was lovely and I’m really finding my new rising trot easier.

The field was utter bog today so none of us expected a canter. But I got a really, forward, collected one. I was so proud of him. The quieter aids are working much better for me these days.

The rest of the ride was uneventful but enjoyable. He didn’t feel like cantering on the back lane, no amount of persuasion was getting him to upward transition.

I chose to ride again and asked for Topaz. I was mounted and another regular rider was on Shadow but we were asked to switch as there was two riders that appeared for an hour’s hack. I think it was an hour anyway. They didn’t come out with us. So I dismounted Topaz and we shared a lovely nose to nose goodbye and I mounted Harry.

We had my usual hacking RI again and went up. She confided that she was glad I was riding him. He was looking a little down in the dumps and could do with a nice canter with someone. Apparently that someone was going to be me today.

A nice canter across the field, even though I did need to use my crop a little but Harry was soon in the mood and his walk was much brisker and he seemed more willing.

There is a lane if you turn right off of this field that is OK for cantering on sometimes. She told me to try for a canter so I did and I got one. Cantering on harder floors seems somewhat alien to me but I loved it all the same.

A few more trots, where Harry was going quite nicely, then back to the yard. I’d apparently cheered Harry up so that made me feel better.

Seen as I’ve not had a lesson this week, going for a hack tomorrow to. So lets see who I ride. I was offered Bella today but really didn’t feel like a challenge. Yes, i’m a wuss. lol.



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  1. What a lovely pair of hacks, and not just for you either! It’s nice to make horses smile 🙂 My yard’s horses can get bored of treks and novices, and just adore to run when out and about: it feels like a great deal to me too. I’ll get out of the saddle and out of your way so you can gallop as much as the Ride Leader allows, and I’ll have a blast joining you! Am glad you and Harry both enjoyed the wind in your hair today especially 🙂

    No need to feel like a wuss for saying no to Bella: she is busy teaching you lessons in the school at the moment. The weekends are for the sheer joy of riding, and applying what you’ve learned: variety’s the spice of life, especially with horses! 😉

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