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This past few weeks have been quite worrying as I’m sure the next few months and years are going to be. That is, unless I can find a permanent job. The over haul of the Incapacity benefits is seeing those who claimed it move to ESA in the hope to get long term sick and disabled into work. As lovely and theoretically good as this may sound, the reality for most is so different.

The job markets are in complete chaos with one firm or another closing nearly every week and bigger companies closing stores nearly every month yet the government is hell bent on making those who find it extra difficult to gain employment find it and keep it and stay off of benefits.

I’m all for the disabled working if they physically can. And as the current system does not support that element of truth, I am concerned about my own future.

If I knew DLA was safe, I’d probably be less worried although still somewhat concerned but with the over haul of DLA moving to PIP by the end of 2015, I wonder where the nation’s disabled will rank in the next few years.

As a blind person, I’ve come across rejection upon rejection from employers because of my blindness. Sure, legally this is not meant to happen but what is reality and what is law are often two different things.

The one thing that effects many blind individuals is the lack of work experience. The type of jobs the average 16 to 21 year old does, such as bar, shop or restaurant work is just not feasible for a low vision or totally blind person. So gaining the sought after prior work experience is often difficult.

This is my issue. No matter how many people seem shocked that I’m out of work because I’m intelligent, the fact of the matter is I have little paid work experience. I have some voluntary work experience but I fear it is not enough in this competitive job market.

The point of this entry though is not necessarily about my own future but about the wonderful people I have around me right now. People who have no obligation to help or listen have been truly amazing since the letter from the Department of Work and Pensions landed on my doormat. My one friend, who I hasten to add, I’ve never met in person has put aside time to help me compose a very kick arse CV. She didn’t have to, but she did and was such a huge help to me. Others have given me great and sound advice, which again, they didn’t need to while the rest listened and cheered me up or simply made me smile. It just goes to show, friends don’t have to be physically connected with you but spiritually and I am truly thankful to all who have eased my mind and stopped me losing it. Now, if the stress gets worse, as I’m sure it will with the filling in of this medical form followed potentially by a face-to-face consultation with an ATOS representative, I know those same people will not abandon me and will be there to make me smile and keep my morale up.

You guys all rock and this is my personal thanks to you. Dark times are ahead but they will be brightened by the flames my friends shine in my life. πŸ™‚

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  1. I know I don’t leave comments on here, but true friends are hard to come by and cherish the ones that you do have. I’ll always be here for you no matter what πŸ™‚ Te cuerro moocho mi mejor amiga y gracias para todo πŸ™‚

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