An Old Friend and Windy Hack

The wind was pretty strong today and soon it’ll be time to wear those thermals but I arrived today with the intention of doing two hacks.

I was given the choice of Topaz, Harry, Shadow and Bella today. I chose Topaz. It’s been such a long time, or that’s how it feels since I rode that gorgeous bay.

I was super excited and went over to pat him and such as he was on the fence. Once I mounted, I realised it was going to be interesting. Topaz isn’t fond of rain and I hoped it wouldn’t rain. Also, the wind always makes for an interesting ride I’ve found.

We set off, in front, and a girl came with me today. She just walked alongside as it has been a while and I did ask for it too. He spooked a little on the hill, either from a water monster in a running stream or something or maybe a bit of plastic. Who knows but I calmed him quickly and we carried on.

We trotted and I almost forgot how bouncy his trots were but quickly fell into his rhythm. I guess both Topaz and I have grown to understand each other since my fall off of him.

On the field, I really didn’t know how the canters would go. But before we even started he did a whole body shake. Wow! You could seriously get bolted off with the ferocity of the way they shake. lol.

He cantered lovely for me twice on the field. I apparently looked good and that was great as it has been a while and he has such a long stride I am not as in tune with his canters as Shadow or indeed Magic.

More lovely trotting which the girl with me ran with us on one part as some horses had just got lose and there were pigs in a field we’d be trotting past. But Topaz was such a good boy.

Walking down the cobbles, he was taking his good old time but at the bottom there were some yappy dogs that really were not helping the horses. I had to keep a calm voice and keep him very steady, especially into the trot we do at the bottom.

The back lane canter started out lovely, then he coughed, pulled his head down as they do, but I got it back and we kept going. My RI thought he had spooked but I told her and she said I got back into the canter lovely and quickly.

I dismounted and loosened his girth, took off his bridle, the girl with me put on his head collar and tied him back to the fence as we put his rug on him. Gotta keep the TB warm.

I chose to ride Shadow next. Actually, Shadow was just chosen for me which was nice and funny at the same time. They know who is my favourite and I was super happy to ride him today.

I mounted my gorgeous white friend and we headed up again, behind the rest of the hack. Shadow was being so good and sweet today.

We missed our first trot as there was a lorry coming up so we headed straight onto the field. When on the field, Shadow decided it was time to wee. I stood up in my stirrups and waited for him to finish. I could hear him weeing of course and then it stopped but he was still in the wee position. I asked the girl in front of me if he was still weeing and she said he’d finished and was just watching the world go by. I gave a squeeze and he jolted up as though he was in a day dream. The girl said he had blinked too so think Shadow was day dreaming about something. Bless him.

The canters on Shadow today were all amazing! Collected, forward and just so easy. After being on Topaz, keeping to Shadow’s canters felt so natural and effortless. I really enjoyed them today. Even the wind that always hinders me on direction couldn’t spoil it. The girls were so helpful and yelled so I could head in their direction. It’s one of my favourite things to do, cantering across a field on the back of one of my lovely horsey friends!

A few trots and we headed back to the yard. We must have got four canters on the field today so lots of positive canters from me and my equine buds. I never would have believed that possible six months ago!

Back at the yard, and Shadow was also on the fence. Huge hugs and many polos for my gorgeous friend and that was it for a very windy ride. And no rain which was even better.

Fabulous hacks that just hold so much enjoyment now. I really am there just to enjoy myself now whilst the school takes care of the learning aspect.

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  1. Fab! I don’t think I’ve heard a Topaz tale in ages 🙂 You wondering if you’d ever get your cantering sorted seems like an age ago now! What great confidence and control in the wind: it’s some of the worst weather to ride in as horses have evolved to check for potential monsters rustling in the bushes. With wind, comes a lot more noises to be checked out on fear of death!

    Isn’t it odd when a horse shakes like a dog? Got back onto the yard yesterday and both horses beside Starsky shook: I’d taken my feet out of the stirrups and grabbed the saddle just in case! Luckily he was a gent and waited ’til I was off before shaking ferociously 🙂 It’s a bizarre feeling.

  2. It’s amazing how far you’ve come in six months. Now canter seems as normal and stress free as trot. This time next year you’ll be grumbling because your leg yield isn’t quite straight!

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