The Hard Work Begins

The north of England has suffered a deluge of rain since sunday. When I looked at the wether, it promised me no rain today.

I headed for the yard as usual and after a bit of chatting, our yard is rather relaxed, I mounted Bella and walked up to the school.

From the beginning, I was more confident and was riding her mainly straight and around the corners. Because of the rain, however, the c end of the school was somewhat a mess. The rain from the fields above had created a small gorge so couldn’t ride the corners at that end of the school as normal which meant a sharpish turn at M so we didn’t end up in the trench.

For most of this lesson, I trotted. Or at least I tried to trot. Bella was being a very stubborn monkey and wouldn’t listen to me. I kicked, I gave her a firm voice and she stubbornly insisted on standing at F every time we went around the school.

My RSO had a crop however, and it became somewhat of a game, Bella would stand stead fast, until she saw my RI walking toward us with a crop. She got a tap from my RI the first time and sprang off, even giving me a one canter stride which was funny. Can’t get this mare to canter out on hacks, but show her a crop and she’ll do it willingly in the school.

I noticed though, she seems to be more skittish with a crop than some of the others. So I think when it is only absolutely necessary do they use one with her. She really hated that crop. But it got her moving from F.

This was my first week I really worked up a sweat in the school. Think I only walked twice around the school, all the other times it was trot-walk/stand still at F.

I enjoyed the vigorous exercise in the school. Really felt like I was doing a lot today. It feels like I’m now at the point where I’m more familiar with my surroundings and concentrating on the horse and what she is doing. My RI commented I was quicker at correcting her. I just need to settle into correcting during trot as that went a little crazy a few times.

But once I got her straight, kept her straight, and kept her going, it was really nice. Had some very good comments today and was praised with the progress I’m making.

My legs are killing me. That Bella is going to make me into a stick; I hope!

Apparently, next week we’re changing the reins. So around the school we will go in the other direction. Can’t believe how amazing this journey keeps on getting. I’m becoming confident and my RI said I looked at real ease and my hands were light and I was keeping her straight much more. And do you know what? I even trotted around a few corners today. Only a few strides but we trotted around the corner at K a few times and Bella would obligingly stop near A.

A great lesson!

I offered to help out afterwards and brushed three of the smaller ponies. Then the rain came. Thankfully I was in the stables so didn’t get wet. Unlike my dog and sister who came to meet me so we could take Bailey to the park.

A great, busy and productive but mostly fun day.

Thanks for reading,

Until next week for another lesson update.


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  1. What great progress 🙂 Sounds like you dealt with the rain-altered school lay-out well, and how wonderful to be working so much in the trot already!

    Some horses really are funny about crops: Guinness tanked off if P held one near him on the ground, but he could go from ignoring a rider using one on him to legging it when they’d only taken one hand off the rein and not used it yet. Still, I always gave him every chance to listen to the leg first, and his responses weren’t based in terror so it was fair to do. Mind you, some horses are from an abused background and there’s no getting over it or no using it fairly in their eyes. It really is horses for courses and all that! 🙂

  2. Great to hear you’re finding your feet in the school now. After just three weeks you sound quite at home. It’s nice to hear you’re getting some hands on experience in the stables too. That’s going to come in handy when you get your own horse. Stay dry!

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