Hacks Are for Fun and Relaxation

When people used to tell me that hacks are where you are meant to have fun, I kept thinking it must be something I’m not doing right. Sure, I love hacking and love the horses but because our riding school has us learn the basics on hacks before we get into the school, it means that you do a lot of learning on the hacks until that point.

In the past few months, I’ve found the hacks unchallenging some weeks as I know the horses so well and rarely need riding corrections. And today I truly appreciated the relaxation and fun part of hacking. I still have to concentrate sure, and keep the horses in line but it all seems so natural to me now. Even the cantering feels so easy these days. Yes, I know, if you’d told me I’d be saying that last December to this March, I’d not have listened. But I can honestly say Harry and Shadow really showed me fun today along with the girls who help out.

I won’t go into loads of detail today, it feels as though my hacks are very similar now. It’s not like the days when I couldn’t get a canter, now if they don’t canter, they are made to by yours truly. It doesn’t mean I enjoy hacking less but all the technical stuff for two hacks is a lot of same stuff so I’ll give a brief overview.

Harry was totally Mr Plod this morning. Until I woke him up. Had a few nice canters on him and by the end of the hack he was awake and happily trotting along. Believe me, it was a huge improvement from the Harry I had to continually ride up the hill.

The one thing I did though today was to check the straightness of the horse’s heads and try and feel down my reins at every little tug they did. It was really cool!

I rode Shadow next. I was dismounting and someone asked who I was riding next to my Hacking RI and she replied, “I’d imagine if it’s marie, it’ll be Shadow”. And it was. I was so excited to ride him today. Harry’s lovely but Shadow’s just that extra special to me.

He was full of beans and we were riding behind one of the girls who helps out and her new horse. What a babe this horse is and he’s still feeling his way a little but a complete darling.

Shadow needed waking up on his canters today. Got him there and on our last canter along the field, oh how we zig zagged. It was hard to hear which way my RI was yelling as it was rather windy today.

Once Shadow had had a few spurts of canter, we had some amazing trots. And on the back lane, he sprang into a lovely collected canter. Wasn’t as long as I’d have liked but since last week he only trotted on the back lane I was happy.

I’ve decided, there are two types of horse people. Those I like and those I don’t like. Some of the mothers of the kids at our yard are just incorrigible. If the horse their child wants isn’t available, they sulk worst than the kids. I cannot stand people like that. it’s called taking turns. Then there are those who understand and appreciate the horses, like my hacking RI and school instructor. I’m so lucky to be around and learn from such people as them and mum’s friend too.

Well, until Thursday,

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  1. I use that exact same phrase Marie, except it goes beyond horse people: there are only 2 kinds of people, those I like and those that I don’t. Qualification doesn’t rely on age, sex, colour, religion or anything else: you’re either a good egg or not. I don’t suffer fools gladly, and those kind of mums put the wind up me too!

    Hacking can be for fun, if that’s what you want. Still, even relaxed fun relies on being poised, balanced and in control. Hacking however can also be a thrill ride and can also be a great place to school: it can be all things to all people, and different horses make for such different experiences. You seem to have a nice balance of relaxing and enjoying them, but learning lots and being very aware too 🙂

  2. Now you’ve got something to work on those hacks will seem much more worth while. Roll on Thursday!

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