Been A while, yes, yet again

I seem to have started in that trend of forever forgetting to update this blog. I merged all my non riding blogs into one place so I could manage them better and where has it got me? Not updating.

I need to dedicate a whole post to London as it was pretty awesome.

But here’s a quick run down.

I started doing an online HTML5 and CSS course with CAVI which as so far been awesome. It will enable me to make better use of my websites and maybe help me in the future job wise.

Been really down about not getting work recently but I just keep on trying. Going to look about doing some freelance writing maybe, not sure how to get into all that and I really need to get on top with my writing again. I know, I know, I keep saying this. Think Mondays is going to be my course day, and I shall make sure I set a few days aside for writing.

I started private riding lessons with my Riding school owner a few weeks ago. So far so good but if you’re more interested please visit My riding site for more details.

I’ve been Christmas shopping with V*** and bought my nephew Kai a buzz light year. Oh how cool it is. Little Leo has a simba to go into his Christmas stocking as I nicnamed him Leo Lion.

Had fun shopping with my sister. She and I get on much better these days and when we hang out on our own we truly have a blast.

Bailey’s doing good. He was tired after London but he’s working nicely. Although in Manchester when there were tonnes of people as we were leaving he had a confidence glitch . I really think he’s not as happy in busy places as he once was but I’ll keep an eye on this. It could have been anything and this has not been consistent as yet.

I ordered the new iPhone yesterday and that’ll be with me in a few weeks. Cannot wait.

I’m kinda glad autumn is here. Instead of that crappy shouldn’t have bothered summer.

Been invited to go and do some goal ball training with my friend’s team which I might do soon.

Feeling OK at the minute. No huge depressions have fallen over me. I’m happy with a lot of things and some decisions I’ve made recently. Just really want that job so I can go buy me a horse. 😉

Anyway. Hope everyone’s well. Have a good week.

Hugs Mj

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