Horses Make Me Happy Part II

I decided, as I was feeling much better, I’d like to ride Magic. But her owner was jumping her in a lesson so I opted for Harry. It was a choice between Harry and Bella and if I’m honest, if I’m riding her in the school right now, I’d rather leave the hard work inside the school and have fun hacks with the others. I know this sounds harsh but I’ll be using Bella several times in the next few weeks in the school and I know none of those sessions will be easy. That coupled with the fact Bella and I don’t yet have the greatest relationship, I’m working on that during school and want to hack out for fun and not get into a battle and I know it would have been a battle.

Sure, I hear you say, but Harry’s a battle some days. Yes, he is, but I can get him to listen to me, I have not yet got the Bella knack and I’m hoping, maybe misguidedly that the school will give me the opportunity to understand her more.

So on I hopped on Harry and he was, as I knew, he had been in the previous ride, slow, ploddy and unwilling. I had joked before getting on I’d better grab my crop to which my hacking RI responded, yes, think you’ll need it today. And need it I did.

Plod, plod, plod, we trekked down the lane. Yes, we did the road route today. The first time I’ve done the road route in a while.

The first trot, wow, plod, yeah, I’ll trot but you’re going to have to make me work was clearly what Harry was thinking. Enter Mr Crop!

A quick squeeze and a tap with the crop, and off he sprang into a forward trot. I’ve become rather pretty good to handling the crop while out on hacks. Switching reins to my left hand and using the crop with the right is quite seamless now. However, I know when the crop is introduced in the school, I’m going to get all hand tied again.

I used the crop on the next trot but he was responding better to the leg but still needed a tap to get him forward.

I wasn’t expecting a canter on Harry today. I’d witnessed his slowness in the previous ride and I was working my arse off to keep him forward today. Well, Harry pleasantly surprised me. I was about to switch my reins to my left hand and tap him up with the crop when he must have realised what was coming and sprang into a lovely, forward canter. Good boy Harry.

A few more trots where Harry was quite forward, only needed tapping up when he would slow and wanted to stop and wouldn’t respond from a leg aid but he was much more awake once I’d finished with him today. His walk was springy and he was a pleasure to ride. Love the challenge with Harry and it’s so rewarding when you get him there.

I dismounted, without any incidents and untacked him. Then I went for a cuddle with that gorgeous, tall, cheeky Bay, Topaz. He was standing in his stable, think he’s resting and gave him a huge cuddle. I love hugs from the horses and Topaz even put his nose to my mouth. How sweet! Topaz kisses are just lovely.

Then he snotted all over me. Gee, thanks Topaz. lol.

Another cuddle with Shadow and then I was off on my way until Thursday.



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  1. Woohoo! Well done Marie: am so glad you seem have the balance of kindness and firmness right: sounds like you got a fine song out of lazy Harry today. Well done!

    Horsey cuddles are the best, but no one ever warns you about how horrid horse snot is or how keen they are to share it! lol.

  2. It’s great that you have the confidence to really push yourself and your horses now. Congratulations on deciding harry really ought to work harder than you 🙂 Love the last bit about Topaz. Oh-so-true 🙂

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