Horses Make Me Happy Part I

I felt like death this morning. I suspect either I’m coming down with something or I’m simply run down but I forced myself to get out of bed, and thought I’d just do one ride today.

Dad dropped me at the yard and I was slightly subdued today. My choice of horses included Shadow, Bella, Harry and Magic. I wanted a nice quiet ride so chose Shadow.

I put on his bridle, mounted him and felt a little better as the sun peeped through the clouds.

We walked up the farm hack and I had to keep half halting. Shadow was full of beans today.

On our first trot he sprang into a canter. No Shadow, just a trot for now thank you. I steadied him up and we trotted nicely. The one thing that kept annoying me today was people wouldn’t walk on so everyone else could get a good trot so I was forever shortening my trots and then canters because others couldn’t keep their horses going. [moan over].

On the field, I went from walk to canter and he was just beautiful. After his spring off into canter when I asked for trot, I kind of suspected he’d be fast and rushing but he wasn’t. His canters were beautifully collected and when he transitioned to trot half way through, I transitioned him back then had to stop because the line was going across the field.

We cantered back across the field, again, Shadow being a lovely horse and going nicely with me in harmony on his back then was told to go right a little by my RI. This is normally where I lose it. Moving or turning in canter seems to tighten everything and then the horse transitions down but today, it wasn’t the case, I gently pulled the rein to the right and turned slightly with my shoulders and we kept on going. It was lovely.

A further few trots and down the cobbles. Shadow tried to snack but I stopped him. Yet again. Then a further lovely trot that he tried to rush but I steadied him up.

Sadly, we didn’t get a canter on the back lane. Not sure why but I sat to the trot instead.

I was about to jump off, had swung my leg and was sliding down Shadow’s side when he moved and I did an impressive roll onto the ground, somehow letting go of the reins in time. Luckily, he didn’t move and I was already on the ground so didn’t fall far so wasn’t hurt.

I had felt tonnes better so asked if I could ride again.

That blog will come tomorrow.



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  1. How funny: I fell over dismounting today too! lol.

    Well done for motivating yourself and going riding anyway: short of the others holding you back, it sound like things went really well and that you rode shadow nicely, especially in canter! Hope you feel better soon πŸ™‚

  2. Told you so!! Told you so!! Dressage diva in the making πŸ™‚ Walk to canter – sitting trot …. it comes to us all in the end, you’ll see πŸ™‚

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