Wakey, Wakey, Mr Shadow

If there are any grammar or spelling errors, don’t kill me, I’m blogging from my iPhone.

Anyway, I was up very early this morning as most of you know I’m heading to London to watch some paradressage. But I couldn’t not see the wonderful horses so I had the first and second rides as opposed to second and third today.

I was brushing a smaller pony for the RSO while I waited. I always enjoy doing this. Then Mr Shadow was ready.

His walk and trots were rather nice, although he needed a lot of squeezing up the hill. Then, there were pigs in a field doing what pigs shouldn’t be seen doing in the middle of a field and Oh my goodness, Shadow was not for going on that field, even after the pigs had gone. I guess he was afraid of them jumping at him or indeed flying.

Needless to say, fast, scary, I am not listning to you trot occurred. My RI made me shorten my reins, saying I’d given him too much rein.

He did a one stride then. That field was way scary today.

One thing my RI kept doing today was yelling which diagonal was I on? She hasn’t done this in a while.I got them all right which made me very pleased.

On our last trot she told me to go on my left diagonal, I did. whoohoo!

the back lane was fun. My RI made him come back and don’t ask me what she did but he flew into a canter and I mean flew! So much so I adopted my two poinht seat, convinced we were about to gallop. Was fast and not in the least bit boring! I know I should want nice, collected canters but boy was that fun!

He got lots of cuddles and I then asked to ride Harry.

We ended up brushing Harry before tacking up and I was forced to be a miss Bossy Boots with him. He did not want his bridle on. I got him there though.

I actually used my own crop today and boy did I need it.

My speedy pony was still sleeping but this was a first ride on both Shadow and Harry for today.

Used the crop with some success today which was good! He did listen to me a lot which was all you can ask and eventually was forwarD; especially after the canter.

On the way to the field, Harry sped up and became more alert, he knew we were about to canter.

My RI said to keep his head up and I did while getting a lovely, forward canter.

I was very pleased with both rides and apparently I’ll be learning my canter leads next week. Aaaaaaaahhhh! lol

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  1. Could Harry be turning into the new Shadow?! Enjoy your time in London!

  2. It never ceases to amaze me what horses are scared of: Hugo didn’t flinch at a bull charging toward him, but a scrapped TV needed a sideways dance! lol.

    Sounds like you got on well today: further confirmation you can ride a spooky horse on, and are getting there with the crop supporting your leg aids. Canters don’t have to be collected to be beautiful though: extended canters are also very sexy and showy. Sometimes speed trumps quality when you’re out for fun rather than to school! Glad you got a few decent canter stretches in today: it’s hard to beat the wind in your hair πŸ™‚

    Not long to go until you’re in London, and you’ll be in that school before you know it. I can’t wait! πŸ˜€

  3. Sounds great πŸ˜€ Have fun at the paras!!!

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