Long Overdue update

I will never profess to be perfect nor do I think I am flawless. However, my gut instinct is more finely tuned since being fucked over and so when people lie, make up stories to cover themselves or dramatise things in their lives, I can often depict they are doing such things.

We have neighbours who do such things, people in my family do it and even people I acquaint myself with and consider friends do it. It’s pointless in my book. A because most people don’t buy the crap and B what are you gaining by lying or making up things? My best mate and I are open about stuff in our lives and eventually the truth always comes out. I don’t lie but sometimes bottle things up until I can articulate what I want to say. But this lying and make believe stuff just irritates me no end.

Lying about medical problems, or what you’re doing to make your life seem more interesting or hiding things from people you consider friends is doing you no good. Personally, it makes no difference to me, it’s just amusing to watch you weave the web of lies but what are you gaining by doing such things? I don’t think any better of you for it or feel more sympathy for you either. I just don’t understand why people do it.

My little rant aside; got lots to do this week in prep for our trip to London to watch the Paralympics. Gotta book my tickets and get all the things Bailey and I need for our great trip to the big smoke. I’m hoping it all goes well and it’s a huge success personally and across the medal tables.

Things have been quiet around here on the hole. Just been riding and working pup. I am on the waiting list for a new dog now but Bailey is still working thankfully.

I’ll hopefully update more soon.


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