A Shadow Day

Part of me was kind of thinking I might try Bella today and see if my determination could pay off but advice from two very wise ladies resulted in me choosing Shadow this morning.

I had a pleasant ride on him with an assortment of younger, new riders. I cantered with ease although my RI did tell me to give the info slower as I was just coming at him from every angle and when I slowed down he responded in a beautiful canter instead of a frantic trot. Gradually I’m feeling and finding my way and fine tuning these little things. After that advice my canters worked beautifully.

I was also used as a demonstration for two kids on ponies behind me. They were not giving clear leg aids for trot so I was asked to trot on to show how I gave a squeeze but never moved my leg from the horse’s side, giving a clear aid to trot on. I think that’s what they were looking for.

Shadow was his usual dependable self and tried to snack. He’ll get it eventually I feel. lol.

I decided to do another ride and asked for Harry but I was told I’d be riding out with my RI so it would either have to be Shadow or Bella. Part of me wonders if Bella would have been better but I didn’t want to risk ruining this opportunity with an obstinate mare so I chose Shadow. He was raring to go and my RI, myself and another girl who is a helper at the yard all rode out together.

Lots of cantering and trotting and some great chats. Was a lovely, relaxing ride, and I was glad I took Shadow out again. A Shadow day was exactly what I needed and the best part was there was no rain. 🙂

Just a side note to, in cantering now, I feel my calf resting on the horse’s side and somehow manage to feel really secure in the saddle during canter, is this how it’s meant to feel? Is that is what meant by riding the canter? I feel able to push on more to keep the horse going and my balance is amazing. Just hope the leg is in the right place.

I’ll be riding Saturday morning as I’m leaving for London to watch two of the Paralympic equestrian events in London next weekend but getting my riding in first before I head off.

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  1. I’m so glad you had a relaxing day. It’s too easy to get caught up with the challenge of riding and forget to enjoy it. Good old Shadow. 🙂

  2. What a lovely pair of rides with Shadow! Look at you, Mrs Star Pupil 🙂 I love thet feeling of leg against horse in canter! It’s hard to say what’s right without a photo, but my riding improved when I’d the lightbulb moment that you shouldn’t have your legs around the horse’s side (bow legged) but straight down by the sides. My seat and balance improved when my feet weren’t coming inwards with the shape of the rib cage.

    Opening ceremony this Wednesday: woohoo! 😀

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