Got The Harry Knack

As I said in my post Ploddy Pony to Race Horse Post Harry is a good horse for novices. He is dependable, gentle and hardly goes faster than a snail.

I’d rarely choose him consequently once I’d learnt to trot and canter as I couldn’t get him forward at all. That was of course until the other Sunday when he was happily forward and did some lovely canters and trots for me. My RI said then I had learnt the Harry knack but I’m a firm believer in flukes so when he was a choice today, I decided to see if he would be as forward as before or if my suspicion of race horse Harry was purely a fluke.

It’s ben fine and dry all morning and I knew it would rain this afternoon and rain it did. I was sitting on Harry, and the rain started coming down in sheets. Harry stood lovely and quietly though and I just relaxed, anticipating a nice ride.

I was given a crop again to use if I needed it but not once did I need to use it on lovely Harry today. I guess sometimes, it just being there helps them know they better go off your leg.

The hill walk was nice and forward, and the trots much of the same. He was trying to itch his bottom on a fence while we were stood still but I walked him on and kept him in line. I also offered a scratch to Harry’s rear end as we stood waiting, I know how itchy the hairy Harry gets.

A few times on the cobbles he was trying to slow down which always causes Harry to trip so I gave a firm “walk on, Harry” and a good squeeze on the leg and he did walk on. His saddle was slipping so my RI came to tighten it but it wasn’t a huge issue really.

The trees on the cobbles seem to have really grown this summer, even when we were in the middle, branches would catch me on occasion.

At the bottom, a lovely impulsive trot that lasted a good stretch. I was so proud of him.

Sadly, this ride was filled with inexperienced riders so I think there were only two of us doing a canter so we headed for the back lane. The trailer that I whacked my leg on was still there, and Harry was not fond of going by it. But I hitched my leg over the saddle and walked by it. Then with a nice ask, without any help from the crop or anyone else, Harry and I had the most beautiful, forward, collected, in my seat and keeping him going canter we have ever had. This horse is beautiful when he moves and twice now, I’ve enjoyed that experience.

My RI reiterated what she had said the last time I was on Harry, you really have the Harry knack now. Even the RSO, who I recounted my tales to agreed. He’s one horse I never expected to enjoy to ride but it seems once you and Harry have an understanding, with a crop for back up, you can enjoy some amazing rides.

Just one horse I need to crack now, and that is Miss Bella. I will do it, I have no doubt.

Anyway, lots of cuddles and polos for Mr Harry and I have some pics for you of the gentle, cheeky, hairy monster.


Harry being Cute

Cheeky Harry

Aww, a cute Harry

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  1. I love him already! Great photos too. You’ve missed your vocation in life! I’ve no doubt if you can crack Harry, Bella will soon submit!

  2. Harry is not how I pictured him at all: he’s a sexy pone!

    Sounds like a great ride, inexperienced riders for company aside. Harry sounds like he knows you’re boss: it never ceases to amaze me how some horses just need a crop at hand to get a shift on, and how quickly they work out who should be listened to as they won’t let them away with half-effort. I bet Harry enjoys having a blast out with a capable rider too: horses are not inevitably lazy about exercise, but do get bored with repetition. I think that’s why I often get a speedy, bucking Bailey: no one believes you that a plod comes to life if they can’t do it themselves! I’ve no doubt you’ll crack Bella either: enjoy the learning curve along the way 🙂

    Roll on Saturday! Can’t wait to hear about the day with Katie 😀

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