Sunshine Comes Where We Don’t Always Expect It

I was expecting to adorn my waterproofs today and get a good old drenching. But seems the weather people know less about the weather than I do about how a car runs.

I arrived with a lot of mixed feelings. I’d been feeling a little frustrated lately about my progress and desperately wanted to start lessons. I did ask back in March but when I had mentioned it to one of the girls, it seemed time was short. So I had made the decision that if nothing came of me asking this time, I’d be leaving my current yard. I hoped beyond all hope that wouldn’t be the case but being the pessimist that I am, I was sure I’d be saying a few goodbyes today.

I chose to ride Shadow, being in the frame of mind it would be my potentially last ride. Who else would I have to have a goodbye ride on than Shadow? I adore this horse! He and I have learnt so much so far together and once in the saddle I took a deep breath and promised him that we’d have a good ride.

Well, we did. Our trots were forward, collected and energetic. His halting left a lot to be desired today, but he was clearly in the mood to keep moving.

Our one attempt at a canter, didn’t happen but I know I was tensing a little so it was a problem I was having, not him.

More trots and I just enjoyed the ride around the farm hack. I was glad, if this was my last today it was on the farm hack where I could relax and hang with my good friend Shadow.

Plenty of cuddles once we got back to the yard and then after hugging him hugely I went to talk to our RSO.

I said, I have a question for you and she joked, as she often does that she hoped it wasn’t a hard one. I said no, I didn’t think it was a hard question just when could I start lessons with her. She responded, without hesitation that it would have to be after the school holidays which I highly suspected would be the case as they run a lot of pony for the day clubs and various activities through the holidays. So between us, we decided on the first Thursday after the kids go back to school, well, the first week so I asked if I could put this in my diary and she said yes, it was a date. So thursday the 13TH of September at 9:30 AM, I will be having, [providing nothing changes], my first private lesson. I am super excited, super nervous but glad I will be back at my yard as usual tomorrow to hack out and enjoy being around my horsey friends. So relieved it went the best possible way and glad they all seem happy that I am ready to move on as my followers on my blogs seem to have thought like me for a while to. Just need to enjoy the few weeks I have in between and not work myself up about this.

So lets see what hacking brings tomorrow now I’m in a better frame of mind. 🙂 Thanks,


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  1. Best news EVER! Am so excited for you: you have been ready to ‘graduate’ to the school for quite a while. I’m so excited you’re doing it next month and that you don’t have to change yards! I have no doubt Shadow will inspire in you the confidence in the school, as he has riding out. Well done for plucking up the courage to be so forth-right in booking it 😀

  2. YAY!!! So happy you’ve sorted it 🙂 You’re going to love the lessons! Great great news Marie.

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