Fighting For The Little Things

When growing up, we’re often told, life isn’t fair, and nothing worth having comes easily. But when I was told all this, I expected those things I needed to fight and work hard for would be big things. A career, overcoming huge hurdles in life.

When I took the chance to do an exchange programme in the US, that was a huge hurdle and one I knew I would have to fight for. But something as small as getting to be a member of a gym, was not really on my list of things to fight for.

I’m not sure it will be but how many people have to wait to see if they can join a gym? My suspicion is not many. They call up, book an induction, go and have a nose round, learn the equipment, sign a bunch of paperwork, set up a direct debit and hey ho, get to work out for a cost per month. Or at least, that’s how I imagine it should be.

For me? Someone who wants to get fitter, do Pilates and spinning alongside working out in a gym with leg and arm weights, I find the number on the internet, call up on Tuesday, mention I’m blind and I use a guide dog, as I hate that awkwardness if you don’t mention it and everyone goes suddenly silent when you walk through the door, announcing you’re there for an induction, and he intakes a huge breath and announces he’ll have to look into it, can he take my number to call me back the next day.

As I expected, no phone call came, and no phone call came yesterday which was Thursday. So called again and the guy said they’re still looking into it and will call me later. I’m not sure what’s going to happen but through past experience can speculate.

They’ll say their risk assessment doesn’t cover it, as for all the nice idiots who are clumsy fools who sue the shit out of other people for their own idiocy have caused this society to be super health and safety conscious, means that people like me, who just can’t see and expect to have knocks and bangs as part of my daily life, find it harder to do the smallest of tasks. Signing up for a gym should be straight forward but if you’re blind, and the first blind person at the gym, it’s never going to be that straight forward.

I often feel like an adventurer sometimes. You walk in, ask for a service, they think, how the hell can she do that? We can’t accommodate her? And you get turned away which then means you should fight to insist you can do something you know you can.

I’m just so frustrated right now. I just want to get fit, join sports things. Improve my riding but like getting a job right now, all seem so bloody hard to achieve. Should asking for a service be this hard for anyone? My answer is no.

I expect to work hard to be employed and further myself professionally, and believe me that is a pain in the backside right now. All I want to do is work and be able to live away from my parents and have my own horse. But getting a gym membership? It’s not right! And it actually makes me feel very upset. Lets hope I’m wrong but this is only one of a few things I’m looking to fight for in the next few weeks and none are work related.

On the work related front however, I’ve just enrolled into an HTML course which I’m super excited about. So lets see how being back in education works for the next few months. 🙂

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