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I did not feel like going to the yard this morning at all. I felt exhausted, it was pouring with rain and I knew exactly what to expect.

I’m the type of person who likes to be constantly challenged. It’s probably how I keep learning computer stuff, or try and figure things out by myself until I get beyond frustrated but continually being challenged is what drives me. Anyone who knows me knows, every little challenge is a new step and I like taking them but also enjoy taking the bigger challenges between my teeth.

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about what several people have said about my excursions last week bare back riding. Many either thought I was stupidly brave or just stupid. But the truth is, it was a new challenge, and I enjoyed taking that new challenge.

This is probably why, I tweeted the following this morning on twitter.

Ugh! Its raining and I can’t be bothered but it’ll be good exercise! bad when you don’t look forward to something anymore! 🙁 –

It wasn’t that I don’t enjoy the horses, I do. But I’m not enjoying the monotony of riding out for 30 minutes, on the same routes, doing the same things week after week. Sure, I’m lucky, I get to ride different horses so in that respect it is somewhat variable but walk, trot, canter. Walk, trot, canter.

My RI only said the other week, she doesn’t correct me much now because I don’t need it. Comments I got today was, nice position in rising trot and canter, contact is perfect and if there are corrections they are small and things I would figure out myself after a few seconds.

I’m super ready to move onward and upward. I want my techniques to be more defined.


I chose to ride Shadow today. Something about that horse just draws me to him, time and time again. I always love riding him and it always means I am much more independent on the ride. Again, as I expected, I didn’t need anyone walking with me and I was the only one not pulled up about distance. Granåted, my RI said you could fit an elephant between me and the horse in front but I think I’d rather an Elephant be the distance than a mouse. It’s hard to judge distance with so much noise going on around us.

My trots were pretty spot on today with Shadow. My RI said as soon as I set off in my first trot, “Very nice!”. He kept going and was lovely and forward and collected.

Walk had to be powered on a few times but I got him there with a push from my seat. I mentioned how good my contact was, but despite this, he kept going on the pavement. I wonder now if I was doing something with my body because I checked, my reins were even. Silly pony. Luckily though, I could feel him doing it much more so was on him as soon as he did it.

We went onto the field to canter, well, it’s a grassland. Nope, I’d rather trot to day thanks. But my RI made me come back and on the third try, I had him in a lovely canter. I’m wondering to now, I’m more relaxed and sometimes don’t give the firm cue because I’m fearful of tensing up but on the third try, leg, heavy into my seat, push and off we went.

RI commented how nice my positions are now in canter, heels down and shoulders back. It actually feels so easy now. What was I so bothered over a few months ago? 😉

On the next three trots I attempted my sitting trot and on several I got some good seating. I was pretty pleased about this. I hadn’t tried with Bella yesterday but on Shadow it seems to be getting much easier, probably because he’s such a smooth gaited horse.

RI just called to put shoulders back more and when I did, it helped a lot. Sitting trot is my idea and the choice I’m making to try and do it. Hence where my frustration and disheartened mind is coming from. It’s not my RI’s fault, I know she’s brought me as far as she can, which is a fantastic feat from someone so young to in my opinion.

I am going to call a few places and email RDA to check they got my rider’s experience. I’m not sure whether to approach the RSO one more time but I don’t want it to be awkward or to feel like I’m being fobbed off again. It’s school holidays now, surely this would be a better time and with summer hours too. I don’t know. 🙁

Anyway, Bailey had fun again with the girls at the yard which is really good and I had no worries about him today. He’s curled up in his bed now just snoozing the afternoon away while I watch the Dressage from the Three day Eventing. I do wish I’d got a pic of him and Shadow together. They’ve kinda become friends. 🙂

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  1. It really sounds like you’ve hit the ceiling: with 30mins ride-outs and the structure they take, you’ve mastered what can be taught. You are ready to graduate to the next level and then some! I’d give the RSO another try, especially as it’s now the holidays. I’d be seriously thinking of leaving, even if it meant riding once a fortnight somewhere else. I hope RDA respond well to the polite kick up the arse and make the issue moot! 🙂

    Yes, Bailey and Shadow photos please: need to see your two fave boys together 😉

    1. Lol. Thanks Debz. You’re right, I should contemplate leaving, if I can’t get the lessons. 30 minutes on the routes we do just isn’t teaching me anything. Been there, done that, bought the t-Shirt. It’s such a shame as its a lovely yard to. Hope it doesn’t come to it but very possible right now.

  2. Me too! If you don’t ask you won’t get! Perhaps she thinks you didn’t really mean it or you’ve had second thoughts? Get on the phone and ‘remind’ her that she said she’d get you in that school! In the meantime hug that dog because he’s just so great 🙂

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