Bailey’s Dlog: entry 5, Horses, lots of walking, sleepy me

Well, Dlog readers. You will not believe the week I had. Thank you for all my nice birthday wishes. Mummy sent them all onto me.

I was very spoilt and got lots of lovely things. My bone was YUUUUUUMMMMMMYYYY! Mummy treated me like a prince, rightly so and it was super sunny so I gots my sun bathing in.

We’ve walked a lot this week, even when its been really hot. Mummy is feeling much better so I get to walk for fun with her.

On Thursday, we went for my free run. Eventually! They took some time taking me. I wasn’t sure I would be going for a run at all by the time they took me.

Yesterday, my grandma and granddad, also known as mummy’s mum and dad, went in the car early. Even while mummy was in her pyjamas and mummy goes to the stinking horses on a weekend so I knew it must be early. They left us and mummy went to get dressed. I know it’s horse riding day as she wears smelly clothes and boots. And then a huge surprise came. She put on my lead and harness. Yes, both, I was going too. wags

We walked all the way to the stable yard. I don’t like it near there as there is no paths up to the stables so mummy has to coach me a lot and makes me go near the bushes. I don’t like bushes unless I’m going toilet in them.

We got to the yard, and I started looking around and sniffing. Do you knows what I was looking for? Horsey poopoo. It tastes so delicious. Mummy hates me eating it and always says, “Bailey, stop that, it’s disgusting”. No mummy, it’s super yummy. Try it. Here, I’ll share it with you. She then tells me not to breathe on her. What is her problem? I ask you!

I wondered what was going on but then mummy gave me over to two girls. “wait mummy, where are you going? Why did you take my harness off? Wait, why are you getting on that big brown horse? Come baaaackk!” She didn’t but I had fun with the girls.

When she got back, she pulled out a bag of carrots from her hat bag. I knew there was something good in there but guess what? I didn’t get one! 🙁 she gave them all to the horses. But she did promise I’d get one when we got home. Then we went to talk up where the horses walk around and around in a circle. Wonder why they do that? Anyway, we went home in the lovely sunshine and mummy made us walk all the way which was strange as we usually get the bus back.

When we got home, I got a huge carrot, like she promised. I was so happy but so sleepy.

Then, just when it was my tea time, my lead came out like usual as I go toilet before tea and then the harness. “No, mummy. It’s my tea time. Where are we going?” Luckily, we were not long so it was OK and I got my dinner.

This morning, mummy took me back to the stables and I found my friends again which was great! I like those girls.

Then when mummy came back on a huge, white horse, think he’s called Shadow or something but mummy loves him, I went over and said hello. I stood looking at Shadow but I was good and didn’t jump. He tried to make friends with me and I figure, if mummy loves him and he loves carrots to, he can’t be all that bad.

I loved it so much at the stables today, I didn’t want to leave. I’ve made friends there, why does she have to ruin it? 🙁

We got home, out of the rain, thankfully and we walked both ways again today. So I’ve been asleeping all day. Well, except at tea time and when mummy and me danced around the living room. I’m the best dancer but don’t tell her that, don’t want to send her into a diva strop.

Anyway, yawns back to bed for this Bailey, she’s knackered me out. I did have fun though!

Lord Bailey

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  1. Wow: what a busy weekend Bailey. I’d have slept lots too! I can’t believe Mum made you wait so long for your carrot: what a meanie. Sounds like you’d great fun making 2 & 4 legged friends at the yard though: here’s to more of that 🙂

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