Average Ride But A Good Experience

So last week, I told you all that Bailey would be coming with me to the yard. I set off this morning, with a slight feeling of trepidation. Bailey is a good boy for me but he’s rarely with anyone but my mum so I can’t say how well he’d behave for anyone else.

We left our house at just before ten this morning and arrived at the yard around the time I usually get there. It was a good walk but Bailey was in an awkward mood so had to speed him up a few times.We got there, and I chose to ride Bella.

Our riding school has been on Pony camp all week so the horses are slightly tired even though they had yesterday off, rather understandably.

I handed Bailey over to two of the stable hands and was reassured he’d be taken care of. I went on the ride feeling a little unsure but not as worried as I thought I’d be.

I didn’t have my usual instructor today but still walked and trotted on my own. Bella was good overall, but that canter is still eluding us. But seen as she’s worked super hard all week, I’ll let her off.

The ride was uneventful and I guess I wasn’t expecting anything different. Each time I have a hack out, I realise even more I want to learn so much more.

I handed out some carrots to the horses where bailey looked on unimpressed. He loves carrots so he got a nice big one when we got home.

He and I will be making the same trip to the stables tomorrow to do another ride and I might help out for a bit, we’ll see what happens.

That walk really tired him out and the adventures he’s had today. Bless him.

Hopefully tomorrow is another good ride.



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  1. Sounds routine, but at least it wasn’t bad or overly disheartening: just predictable! Glad you could have Bailey with you and that you were able to relax a bit about leaving him with someone. Hope you get a good canter and more inspiring ride tomorrow! 🙂

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