Doesn’t She Know I’m Going to Be 8?

Mummy has tired me out. And doggy friends, I mean she really pooped the Bailey out. Thursday, while it was considerably warm, we went to the market, to buy my birthday present, I’m so excited. And Then I went for a big huge run. Mummy ran away though. Normally, her and auntie V*** walk along with me when we get to the trees but the walked to the big tree and I carried on, sniffing and doing my Bailey thing. Next thing I know, they’ve gone! They are not walking alongside me. Are they behind me? No! Where did they go? I could hear mummy talking but could not see her. I kept walking and peaking through the trees. Then Auntie V**** waved and mummy called, “Bailey!” I galloped toward them as if they’d been gone forever. Mummy patted me and gave me my recall treat and said I was a good boy. Why did you not come mummy? She explained the ground was too wet for humans and the grass is very long. It’s way over my head now so mummy waited but she doesn’t like doing that because I can get into mischief if she isn’t nearby. But I didn’t and she was super proud.

We went home and then we had to go to the supermarket. I don’t think mummy realised how tiring looking for her was for little old me. Then I couldn’t believe the next morning when she tells me that we were going to Manchester to meet her friends. I sighed, great, more long days and this means mummy and her friends would probably have a drink to. I was not looking froward to it.

In the end it wasn’t so bad but I did miss out on a lot of naps. They yabbered on for hours and we finally got home for my tea. Mummy wasn’t drunk, makes a change, and I slept so solidly that night.

Saturday was bright and sunny and sun means I can lay in the backyard. Mummy was off riding those big, giant, hairy beasts so I stayed with grandma. Auntie V**** came with her little humans and I didn’t get much chance to chill as I’d like until mummy went for a nap.

On Sunday, yesterday, she did something horrible! She left me! Yes, left me! And went to play with different horses and doggies. Yes, my mummy was playing with other doggies. I was not happy. So I gave her the silent treatment all night. But I forgave her now. Her muscles are hurting she says, what ever they are so hahah, that’ll teach you mummy for leaving me at home. Although grandma took me for a nice walk. So there!

She says we’re off to do some work again today which is OK, had a good rest really this weekend. Even a guide dog needs time off his harness. So back to work today and it’s my big eighth birthday tomorrow guys. So excited to be getting that bone.

Until next time, Bailey dog

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  1. BS”D

    Congratulations Bailey on your birthday! I hope that you’re enjoying the bone!

    Wags, Hera, the guide dog

  2. Thank You Hera. Much appreciated.

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