Another Year

So, it came around yet again, that dreaded birthday. I’m now the grand old age of 29 and part of me feels like a total wreck today.

I’m 29 and never have had a job, it makes me feel so worthless. And with every year, no matter what I do, it doesn’t seem to be changing. It makes me very sad. I have so much to give and no where to direct it, or no where I can see right now.

Got some lovely things. Mum’s friend Sue bought me somebody shop things along with a small bottle of mint Bailey’s. Mum and dad gave me 2 £25 iTunes vouchers and £30 in cash which I know exactly where that is going.

My uncles and Auntie also gave me a £25 iTunes voucher which was awesome so got lots to spend on the old App and music stores. Even my clever bailey bought me a cup with a black labrador on it and some PJs. So that is all good. Had some lovely messages from people and I thank them all. Just wish I was doing something cool today but seems like it’s just another Wednesday. And I’m OK with that. Hopefully out with my best friend on Friday so we’ll see what happens.

I’ll catch you up on the last few weeks though while I’m dropping in.

I had a sinus infection again a few weeks ago and got some antibiotics but it hasn’t cleared my nose although I do feel better. I highly suspect my polyps are back and after seeing my doctor yesterday, he is inclined to agree.

So he’s given me a steroid nasal spray to try and help the situation. Hoping very much it works and I don’t need surgery.

Also, took Hannah up to see our horses at the Rs last week. She made a lot of new friends. She’s so supportive about my riding, even though she’s not hugely into the gorgeous giants herself. We’re super excited about going to the para-Olympics and watching the para-equestrian events. 🙂

Also had dinner out with my friend Emma last Tuesday. That was cool. Then ate out Thursday with Hannah so had a pretty busy week last week.

I’ve applied to do an HTML and CSS course online but we’ll see if I get on it before getting too excited there.

Hoping this weekend is a good one. Riding at my RS on Saturday and going to hang at mum’s friend’s field with her horses on Sunday. So fingers crossed I have a happy horsey weekend.

Think that’s it, so speak soon, Hugs, MJ

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