Episode 48

Episode 48 Suspicions

The week flew. At least that was how it felt to Caitlin. She had so much to do but no time it seemed to do any of it. Emily was like a ghost in their house. Without Cory being there, she just seemed to blend into the background. Caitlin asked countless times if she was OK and Em had said she was fine but Caitlin felt she was letting her down so badly. Cory had called to say he’d meet Emily at the airport for their vacation to Hawaii for Thanksgiving. Caitlin was glad she had him. After all, she wouldn’t be around herself much. Jay and her had decided they would go to Rose’s for a bite to eat on the actual day of Thanksgiving but they both wanted to get work done at the club.

It was coming together very nicely now but caitlin knew the launch date was ever approaching.

“What do you want to do for dinner?” She asked JC as he sat opposite her at their now formed office at Seduction.

“As long as it doesn’t involve Ebony, I don’t give a crap,” He grumbled. His cousin had been staying in their spare room for the past week and it wasn’t going down at all well with her boyfriend. He didn’t trust his cousin and Caitlin could see why. Ebony had a sly edge to her personality. Even caitlin had already seen that in the past seven days. “OK, take out?” She asked, trying to soften the icy mood he’d been funking with for the past week. He’d flipped when they’d got home. Caitlin couldn’t say she had never seen him like that, she had but there was an extra level of anger in him where Ebony was concerned. She knew she didn’t know the whole story yet and she wasn’t entirely sure she ever would but the anger he held for his cousin wasn’t natural. She must have done something pretty horrible to him or someone he cared about but Caitlin knew better than to ask what. If he wanted her to know, he’d tell her in his own time. “Lets eat out,” he said, looking up from the books. She nodded and returned to her work. “Jay?” She said after a few moments. “You’re going to have to sort this shit out with your cousin. It ain’t right.” “She won’t fucking go,” He snapped now, slamming a pen down on the oak desk. “I keep telling her, and she keeps staying.” He’d had an angry call with his grandmother too over this Ebony situation. She’d been the one who had given the girl his address. But he could never stay mad with Rose Carter for long. “I know,” Caitlin sighed, stretching her back in the comfortable office chair. “What can we do?” “I’ll have to involve the guys at some point,” He sighed, leaning his head on his arms crossed behind his neck. “If she won’t go willingly, I’ll have to make her. But I don’t want to do that while Emily’s home. Especially with Cory being away. Don’t want to freak her out!” Caitlin nodded, appreciatively at his thoughtfulness of her best friend. “Lets give it until Monday,” She suggested and he complied and picked up his pen and returned to his paperwork.

She sighed, resting her chin on her hand. So another week with the petulant bitch! Just what caitlin wanted. The night at the club, when she had met his cousin, she’d had an uneasy feeling but after living with the girl for a week, she outrightly disliked and distrusted her.

Ebony would have a habit of sneaking up on people while they were in deep conversations. Caitlin couldn’t see her but she knew the girl watched Caitlin’s every move. She’d taken to moving her laptop into her bedroom when she wasn’t using it. She’d also locked Jay’s and her wallets and valuables in a drawer even if they were in the house. Caitlin had just started to enjoy living with her man and her roomies and Ebony had to come along. She’d even called Kira to find out the story and Kira confirmed Caitlin’s suspicions that she’d stolen from them. Sighing, she pushed back her chair quietly, picked up Callie’s leash and clipped the dog’s harness around her body.

“Where are you going?” Jay asked, staring at his girlfriend with a sour expression on his face. He knew it wasn’t her fault but something inside him was at ill ease while Ebony Jackson was in their lives. “I’m taking Callie out and getting some air. Want a coffee?” She asked, knowing balancing the books was not his favourite activity and if all his funds were legitimate he’d happily have paid Emily for her services but the funds were not all legitimate and it meant hours of pouring over figures, many empty coffee cups and bad tempers for Jay Carter.

“You know me so well, baby girl,” A smile crept onto his soft lips as he stood to wrap his muscular arms around her waist. “I’m sorry I’ve been in a fowl mood.” He kissed her with an unbridled passion and she knew what he wanted but refused to give it to him during work hours. It was yet another thing that irritated the crap out of him but he respected her professional attitude.

She pulled away and picked up the dog’s leash again after relinquishing her boyfriend’s neck. “I do love you, despite your fowl mood,” She giggled and left as he slumped back into his chair, twirling the end of a pen across his lips thoughtfully as he watched her retreating figure.

The air was thick as Caitlin stepped into the mid afternoon LA air. She coughed as she closed the door behind her. Walking down the sidewalk, she wondered what Ebony wanted. She’d been trying to figure it out all week. Money? Jay had already offered her that despite after swearing he wouldn’t but on the third day, he’d been driven to insanity enough and offered her ten thousand dollars which she refused. She kept maintaining she just wanted to get to know her family better again. She’d felt they’d had so much bad blood between them, it was time to put it all to bed. Jay did not believe this and neither did part of Caitlin.

She knew he was angry with Ebony because of what she’d got Jay’s sister involved in. She had been raped by their brother when they were still children and had never truly been right after that experience but when she and Ebony started hanging out when they were in high school, she’d started partying and taking drugs. She’d been in and out of rehab for years and was now entirely dependent on a high dosage of prescription antidepressants. She lived with Jay’s aunt and he never saw her. Ebony had broken his sister beyond recognition and Jay felt responsible for it. He’d never admit that but caitlin sensed it. He’d been the man of their family, father dead, mother dead, older brother in and out of jail, and he couldn’t do a damn thing to protect her from Ebony. Ebony was street wise, had been ever since she was a little girl and Jay had never needed worry about her survival. But his sister was different.

Sighing, caitlin walked into Starbucks and ordered her rap and Jay’s usual cafe latte. Resting for a minute, she frowned as she wondered if Ebony was being genuine? It didn’t matter if she was, Jay would never allow her to be a part of his life, the guilt and anger was too great, even after all that time.

Emily finished packing her things. The quiet of the house unnerved her. She’d not lived there long and it felt as though it wasn’t quite where she belonged yet. She constantly felt like a visitor in Jay and caitlin’s home despite the amount of rent she paid. That feeling had only become worse since Jay’s errant cousin, ebony had moved in. Ebony was loud and obnoxious, rude and sly all at the same time. Emily had seen her trying to view bills over caitlin’s shoulder but her friend wasn’t stupid, contrary to popular belief and had begun using her computer and phone with the screen curtain on. As she used speech, it meant she didn’t need the screen to be visible. This annoyed and confused Ebony to no end. Emily admired her friend’s street wise behaviour. She’d noticed her computer had been locked in Caitlin’s room a lot and she appreciated her friend looking out for her. Before Cory had left, she’d had him fit a lock on their bedroom door. Emily was sure ebony would find a way to steal from them. It was just a matter of time.

But all of that was none of her concern for the next ten days. She was off to Hawaii with her boyfriend and she couldn’t wait. Theirs had been a rocky start to a relationship but she was hoping it would be a good ten days for them to purely enjoy each other. Sighing as she zippered the case and checking her tickets, passport and cash, she smiled to herself. The reflection in her mirror didn’t show her the Emily of a year ago, this one was older and wiser and there was a tinge of sadness in her brown eyes but there was a warm smile that crossed her lips too. You couldn’t have everything in life, she knew this.

Picking up her things, giving a final glance in the mirror, she closed and locked her bedroom door. No one was home which only meant Ebony knew someone was still here. She double checked Caitlin had locked her room and wheeled her suitcase toward the front door, another step toward Cory and happiness.

Jay was sitting in his chair at Seduction, hamburger in his big hand and a chocolate shake in the other. Caitlin had been and fetched it for him while grumbling she was not his servant. He’d let her go home to rest. The dark circles under her pretty blue eyes were giving him reason to worry. She wasn’t sleeping and he knew he wasn’t helping. Ebony needed to get out of their lives and for good. He wasn’t sure he could wait until the following Monday. He scratched his chin, bristles beginning to show and he vowed he’d shave that night and try and relax with his girl.

Caitlin was cuddled up on the couch, Callie happily snoring in her bed and no Ebony in sight when he got home around eight. “Hey you!” He kissed the pretty light golden tanned cheek of his girlfriend and gathered her up in his arms. “Hey, yourself!” She kissed him passionately! “How are you?” Her hand drifted to his crotch and the breath caught in his throat, heart speeding up. She wanted him and in truth, he wanted nothing more. Lifting her into his arms, kissing her with such hunger, he carried her to the bedroom.

Throwing her on the bed, he unzipped his jeans and for once in their relationship, no foreplay took place, just pure passion. Caitlin wasn’t complaining. They needed this release. The love that passed between them was undeniable and their release was long overdue.

“You are amazing!” She rubbed his muscular back as she kissed him deeply. “Feel better?” “Yeah,” He nodded, kissing the hollow of her neck gently. As round two was about to commence his iPhone buzzed on the bedside table. He glanced over and his heart sank. The security company he hired to protect Seduction. “Shit,” He murmured, holding his girlfriend in the crook of one arm and answering his phone with the other.

“Mr Carter?” The voice inquired. “Yeah,” He responded, voice raspy and sexy, caitlin smiled snuggling into his shoulder but she was soon dislodged as he sprang from the bed.

“What the fuck?” He yelled. “Please tell me the popo got the culprit…..Yeah?…..Who is it?…..” Silence! And the next words to come out of Jay’s mouther were cold and hard. “I’ll be right there.”

He hung up and turned to Caitlin. “Get dressed baby, the club was broken into tonight.” “By who?” Caitlin began rooting for her clothes as her heart pounded. What had happened? Who would do that to them” “Do we know them?” She continued.

He didn’t answer, he was too busy texting his boys and pulling on his clothes, ready to deal with the piece of shit who dared mess with him.

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