Bailey’s Dlog Entry 4

Hurray! I’m back. Mummy hasn’t let me near her pretty macbook for ages. I think she was being very mean!

She claims she’s been moving our old site and we’re now a part of a bigger site but I get my own section! How cool is that? I think it is only fitting, mind you but goodness knows what the peasants think.

I can’t remember all the crazy things we’ve been up to since my last Dlog so lets just recount the cool ones.

Mummy and I went to London after my Auntie *** claimed I was OK again. I was feeling not so well and mummy thought I might be retiring. Ha! I showed her!

Anyway, we got on a train and went to London. I’ve been there only once before. and it was super exciting. I was on Television guys. Actual, real television representing for Guide Dogs all around the world.

I’ve been working like a very good boy and we’ve done so much, I can’t possibly remember it all. But last week was fun. Mummy and me went to the pub twice with different friends and mummy, me and Auntie H***** went up to see the horses. You all know my considerable dislike for the big creatures but I actually was allowed to say hello and eat horse pooh so I was very happy. Don’t judge!

Anyway, We’ve had a quiet weekend. Mummy’s not been so well so hoping she’ll be better soon so we can go on more adventures. Speak soon,


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