Pesky flies

I haven’t ridden the lovely Welsh Section D for a good while so today gave a perfect opportunity to ride her.

She was quiet and forward this morning to begin with; extremely responsive and a pleasure to ride. Her trots were forward and her walk was amazing.

However, it was a sunny and warm morning and the flies were out in force. Her owner and I were forever trying to locate the beasts. She handled it well until after our first canter, then she started to get annoyed with the flies and began rushing herself.

My canter was not my best on her but by no means my worst either. It’s been a good few weeks since I last rode her and I think if we’d got more cantering on this hack, I may have returned to her rhythm on the subsequent ones. As it was, we only got one canter which was slightly disappointing but what can you do?

Half halts and a few sharp words from her owner helped keep her calm but the flies really were not in her good books today. I’m glad I got to ride her again though.

After the ride, I went to stand with kenny, the lovely coloured gelding and for once, he was sociable and leant his head on my shoulder. It’s a rare occurrence to have cuddles from this lovely gelding so I felt honoured today.

I crossed to the fence where Shadow was haltered instead of in his stable. I stood giving him pats and he got a few polos and huge hugs from me. I was standing there for a long time, head resting against his. Another rider commented on how she can tell he’s my favourite. I think he and I just have had the privilege of getting to know each other. I even put my nose against his today and blew gently. He didn’t flinch and it was just so nice to hang with him in the sunshine. Part of me wishes I’d rode him today but all experiences are good ones as we learn something from them.

Anyway, off to the yard in the morning so I’ll have more tales to tell.



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  1. Congratulations on your new site! Love this and love the fact that all is well with the horses too. 🙂

    1. Thank you Lorraine. I’m pleased I finally took the leap and am venturing into the world of self hosting. 🙂

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