Making Friends With Horses

A friend of mine was bitten as a child by a horse when she was learning to ride and subsequently gave up learning. She’s been a little fearful of horses ever since.

She came over to my town yesterday and I asked if she wanted to come and meet my horsey friends as our horses are generally kind and sweet. Some have a habit to nip when you tighten their girth so stay well away from their mouths at that point but petting them is usually an enjoyable event. She agreed and she, Bailey and I walked to the stables.

Upon arrival, one of the younger girls helped me introduce the horses to my friend and vice versa but there was someone else making friends. Bailey was quite happy to lick one of the horses. I’m not sure the horse was all that thrilled with Bailey doting affection upon him but it pleased me to see how calm and sweet and curious Bailey was around these great creatures.

Shadow and Topaz, were happy to duck their heads down to Bailey to say hello to which was lovely to see. My friend was relaxed and happy to pet all of the horses and if I hadn’t known her history I would never have known her fear. I was happily hugging my favourite horses and I made a new acquaintance yesterday to.

And so can you now. This is our little foaly. Not so little now.

Here's Sampson Again
Aww baby pony
Sampson the Foal
Curious little foal

So that was my mid week adventures with the horses. Thanks, Marie

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  1. I love the foal! He is such a mixture of black, brown, and white. It is very cute. I am glad your friend decided to go meet your horsey friends so she knows that not all horses bite.

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