Welcome to Life Without Sight

A site set up to give a candid, if somewhat crazy look into a blind person’s life.

My name is Marie and I’m totally blind. You’ll get the back story on this site but here you will find things such as tales of my horse riding, adventures into the world of craziness, social chit-chat, my passionate side of politics and current events. You’ll also be able to explore sections that will come on with time such as a section dedicated to blind mobility, a section dedicated to my creative writing side. This is not a comprehensive support site in the least, it’s merely my own experiences of life without sight.

Enjoy and please feel free to comment.


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  1. Great stuff! I’ve been following you for quite some time now marie and you write such interesting blogs! Keep up the great work! I hear that your guide dog hasn’t retired after all. I was worrying about how you would manage emotionally had that happened hope things continue to go well for you.

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