Quiet Ride

I was simply exhausted again this morning and was told I’d be riding Bella. This was more than OK with me as I haven’t ridden her in a few weeks. The ride was overall quiet and very uneventful. Trots were good and minus her not cantering, she was being more than cooperative. Someone walked with me on this ride which I wasn’t overly impressed by as I’ve ridden Bella independently for a long time. We didn’t have our usual RI as she was off on an hour hack with two ladies and I suspect it was this reason more than anything I was stuck with a walker. Anyway, I got over that fact and as I said was a nice quiet, non eventful ride. On the back lane, I wound her up, by squeezing her and halting her to get her fidgety and then asked for a canter. She almost went then decided against it. Classic Bella! 🙂 I felt somewhat deflated today and it wasn’t really about the ride I don’t think, not even sure what it was. I stood with Bella, giving her cuddles and then left feeling almost like, why did I just bother? Anyway, onward and forward. Will write more next week. Thanks, Marie

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  1. Typical mare: sounds like she worked out that cantering wasn’t her own idea! We all have underwhelming days, and I find with horses they are often mood-related too. Hope this ride hasn’t bothered you too much now that the moment has passed as it were!

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