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Some of what I’ll write today, would have, at one point gone on my GDOs Unleashed site. But as that is currently no more, I am writing stuff here. This is a temporary situation as I am planning to put all of my blogs onto one website. The idea is, that it’ll be 10 times easier to manage if all the blogs are in one place. This of course will take a lot of time and I’m currently looking for a webhost. Several people have recommended BlueHost to me and I did look there but was put off by some of the extra costs but I’m pretty sure they’re opt out options anyway. So that’s where things are at right now. It does mean a lot of work will need to be put into this site and it’s also a very exciting prospect for me as it means I have more chance to put more things on my sites,. Basically, all things pertaining to my life as a person with a sight impairment will be on that website. my journey with horse riding, my love of technology, my use of technology as a blind person, my writing, my rants and raves, my personal stuff and there will be a blog focussing on my life with Bailey. Even debating putting a “Bailey’s corner” on there where he can bitch to his heart’s content. So GDOs unleashed isn’t necessarily gone, it’s getting rebranded and a new home. So that’s my next biggest project. I am also determined to get back to writing again. I have far too many unfinished stories that have so much potential so getting onto that soon. I was chatting on twitter with a fellow VI person earlier and it brought to mind about how the public react differently to people with canes. I recently had a very abrupt reality check when I was coming home from riding the other day. I’d stepped off of the bus, and there’s a lot of poles on the street at that particular bus stop, this lady kept grabbing my arm and shouting, “This way love” I smiled and said I was OK, thank you very much but she kept insisting so the second time I was a little more abrupt. I know people believe they are helping but if I’ve already declined your help, do not force it upon me. Finding the poles with the cane is safer for me than you dragging me around the street. Another funny thing happened the next day on the bus back from riding. I was sitting on the bus, cane in hand and this woman got on and declared very loudly to the bus, “Where is your dog?” I kind of looked in her direction and said, “What? Me?” She said, “Yes, where is your dog?” Like I’d left him somewhere and how dare I not have him with me. I prefer to use Bailey as my mobility aid wherever possible but I believe cane skills are vital and should be kept up and he cannot come horse riding with me at my riding school so it means I have to use my cane. I was in utter shock this woman demanded to know where my dog was. I’m just glad nothing had happened, can you imagine? People just do not think sometimes. On the technology front, I’ve taken an interest in the android platform since the announcement of Jelly Bean. Who the hell comes up with these names? But, terrible names aside, it looks very interesting from a technology point of view. And the low cost makes the tablet a very viable option against the iPad. My first generation iPad will not support iOS6 and is slowing down considerably now so as I want the new iPhone later this year, and if they can get kindle accessible on the android, it may be a viable alternative. Kindle becoming accessible is a big if, I know. But there are several things that make the android devices appeal to me. Their assist feature seems more responsive than Siri, and their dictation feature is apparently very good in comparison. The fact that this is quite new and they are already holding seminars for developers to make apps accessible and showing them how. I don’t know if Apple does this but we’ve never seen it whereas Google’s a little more transparent. I never thought I’d be saying I’d consider an android device, but in the next twelve months, it’ll be interesting in regard not only to Apple and Google but even Microsoft. Yes, I said it. With the introduction to Windows 8 and the Microsoft Surface, accessibility could be leaping forward in regard to competition. Bring it on, I say. Complacency in a market is not a good thing for a consumer group and yes, Apple have done a great job but having healthy competition won’t hurt them but may improve them further. I think you’re all caught up with stuff going on in my crazy life. Thanks, Marie

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