A Lord Bailey Update

My vets were holding a garden party to raise money for Guide Dogs today. I was riding this morning so we didn’t get over there until this afternoon. I even got a phone call around 12:45 to ask if we, as in Bailey and I would be going to the party. I assured them we would be and mum, bailey and I walked over there this afternoon. It was really nice and the best thing for Bailey was seeing three or four guide dog puppies with their puppy walkers. It was super cute! I’d taken his harness off as he couldn’t really work and there was too much fun to have with the other dogs. He was actually rather calm and only gave a few bounces as one of the little puppies tried to play with him. Everyone remarked on how well behaved he was and I was a super proud mummy. My crazy little boy, who came to us six years ago being a total loon as grown up a lot. Mum bought him a labrador teddy bear, even though she keeps complaining about the amount of toys he has. I won on the raffle and it was just so nice to see my vets doing their bit for one of my favourite charities. I wouldn’t be without Bailey and little events like that help so much. The funniest thing happened in Aldi supermarket on the way home. we were talking to a girl we know and two children and their mother walked by and one of the children calls out, that doggy was on television. He sure was of course. How is it my dog gets better recognised than me, I was there to, wasn’t I? lol. I don’t mind really, he deserves the lime light 🙂 That’s the lord Bailey update anyway. 🙂

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