Prized Moron or Prime Minister

I have stopped writing a lot of politically driven blogs as I was getting so depressed by reading all the news and then reiterating my opinions here. What this government is doing to Great Britain is an absolute atrocity. I’ve always agreed, we need to make cuts to cut our deficit but the length to which this government is cutting is both mad and inhumane. In three years time, I bet you will walk down the street, seeing a dramatic increase to homelessness, not only for the young but for families; Poverty will drastically rise; Same old story under the Tories then, the rich get richer and the poor get poor. Last week, we heard our dear old c**t of a PM chastise Jimmy carr for “avoiding” paying his taxes. Actually, ministers claimed Carr was evading his tax payment which was actually not the case. Morally right or wrong, Carr was paying into a scheme that saw his income go off shore into said scheme and he would avoid paying a huge tax contribution. Granted, most people would see this as morally wrong but it was not illegal. As Carr said, he saw an opportunity to pay less tax, who wouldn’t pay less for something if they could get away with it. When Cameron was later questioned why he hadn’t pulled up other celebrities known to have paid into same scheme, such as Take That singer Gary Barlow, he stated he could not go into case by case instances. So why did he then, come out of talks with Obama to do just that to Jimmy carr? Agree with the comedian’s actions or not, your nose is not on the trail if you’re not asking yourself why Cameron refused to talk about Barlow in the same way. And yes, for those of you who are in the know, it is of course because Barlow is a Tory donor. Wow, who didn’t see that one coming? Keep your money close right, Cameron? MPs have been declaring Carr “Morally repugnant” all weekend. I bet those same MPs are the lovely guys and gals who ripped off the tax payer with their second homes and big screen TVs and holidays to who knows where? Falsifying your expenses is Morally righteous? Of course it is! Silly me! One rule for the rich, country boys club and another for the rest of us! My disdain for the Tory leader, as I’m not sure I can honestly claim him as our prime minister anymore, has severely grown today. It was quite considerable as it was, what with his Cabinet ministers virtually declaring the blind, if they can walk are not disabled and ripping support from those who mostly need it in society. However, this prized moron took it to a new level today when announcing further cuts to the welfare state by stating, “Those on sickness benefits to do more to improve their health,” so they of course, can go out and work. There are two major issues here that, [insert various nasty words here], Cameron hasn’t considered. 1. The majority of sick and disabled people, I.E. those on sickness benefits do not choose to be sick. I certainly do not enjoy being blind and there is absolutely nothing I nor my eye consultant can do to bloody well change that. I’d imagine that is the case for most people. Patients with MS did not choose to have that condition, a soldier coming back from Iraq with missing limbs did not ask to get a grenade thrown at him and I certainly did not ask to be born with a rare eye condition and subsequently go blind. 2. Point one aside, Cameron has failed and continues to fail the point that even though the majority of us want to work, the majority of employers either cannot or will not employ a disabled or sick person. I’ve argued the points in many blogs before and although I agree with equal opportunity, I also believe in realistic employment. I, for example, would not expect a person in a wheel chair to become a fire fighter and I as a blind person would really struggle to work on the tills at Asda or be a waitress in a restaurant. There’s a fine line between realism and equality. Many employers cannot employ either due to it being counter productive for them as a business owner or because their insurance premiums would sky rocket amongst other reasons. Sure, many are still uneducated but they would know what their position entails and in many cases are the realistic view on whether a disabled person could maintain that position effectively. I know some would disagree with me here and this is my very own opinion but we live in a very sighted world and a very abled bodied one at that; its fast pace and sometimes we have to accept reality. He is a total idiot who is completely out of touch with society and the people within it. And I hate to think what utter insane ideas he will come up with next? Hey, DC, line us all up and shoot us, wasn’t that what Hitler did?

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