Flooding, Horse Stuff and Sinuses again

We’ve had some of the heaviest rain I can remember this June. It’s been so bad we’ve had flood warnings and alerts all over the region. Normally, this area doesn’t get effected but we’ve even felt the brunt. Our local supermarket’s car park was flooded along with the lake addition at the top of our street. Bailey won’t walk through it so glad I had mum on Friday to assist me around it as the only way to get by it was to walk in the road. The rain has eased off again so things look to be getting back to normal. I wasn’t sure if we’d be riding yesterday but we were. I had two fabulous rides on Shadow and even had a canter on him as I wasn’t sure I would be able to after my fall off of, wait for it…… Topaz last week. It was just a case of me over balancing and flying off him, nothing unusual, just a simple accident but I was fine minus a few pulled muscles. I bought some new riding clothes this morning as they had them on Aldi’s special offers this morning. I’ve been suffering with my sinuses for weeks now. Ever since mum painted and I think it irritated them and I can’t shift it. Alongside allergies, my sinuses have been giving me nothing but headaches and my nose has been permanently stuffed up with the occasional being able to breathe through one nostril but I’ve felt tired and shitty. I knew today for sure it’s a full on infection. I felt sick and dizzy and so I’m going to call the doctor’s in the morning to get an appointment. I’ve tried everything I could to shift it on my own as I don’t want to take medication if I don’t have to. Not much else to report really, or nothing I can think of at the min so talk soon, Hugs MJ

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