Bouncing Back On Bella

So, after my fantastic fall, from the lovely Topaz yesterday, I hopped on my lovely bay beauty, Bella after filling in relative paperwork for dopey gits like me. I am glad, in he-insight that I rode Bella straight after Topaz for a variety of reasons. It meant my rides this weekend didn’t end on the ground, but by dismounting the correct way and it also meant, my body could recover today. Oddly enough, the side I landed on isn’t hurting at all but my God, right shoulder and hip are giving me some grief today. Anyway, my injuries aside, I mounted Bella, without hesitation and walked and trotted happily on her. She was raring to go which was nice. My usual RI took this ride and it was nice we could joke about my impressive fall. She says, I was practicing my rolling off horses. I laughed and felt easier about things. On our canters, or should I say attempted canters, she had me follow another rider but Bella was not quite there yesterday and in truth, maybe I wasn’t either but she had a spark and I was pleased with that. I asked if I could practice sitting trot and my RI agreed and even gave some pointers how to sit in my seat. I had a little success but as we didn’t have a lot of opportunity, I had limited chances to practice. However, what I achieved was progress so I was happy with that. I managed to walk back to the yard, being unaided by anything but my own ears and Bella was listening the whole while to me. I found it curious, whenever my RI would walk alongside us, Bella would turn her head toward her and head-but her. Yet, when she and I were alone, she walked beautifully. It’s almost sometimes like the horses are saying, hey, leave us alone, we can do this. Shadow won’t canter if someone’s leading us and yet he’ll canter off beautifully if its just him and I, unless I’m doing something to prevent it. I’d love to know what these amazing creatures think sometimes. I know what Topaz would have thought yesterday I reckon. Hey, where did my rider go. Oops, I lost her. Oh well, she should have been in her seat more. Serves her right. 🙂 Well, I cannot wait to get back to the yard again next week and see what adventures I can get up to. Thanks for reading Marie

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