Apple, shopping, Running and in April I mean June

I’m seriously questioning if our calendars are all wrong and we’re not still on April as the rain keeps on coming and the temperatures have stayed at a spring like feel. I can’t say I’m all that surprised, this is England and we are not known for our amazing summers. If we were, none of us would be dreaming of holidays in the sun! I rode last weekend, on two fab rides in my waterproofs and it peed it down the whole time. It did not take away from my enjoyment though, I’m glad to say. I have been looking forward to Monday for a while now. Anyone who knows me knows what an Apple geek I am and Monday was Apple’s annual World Wide Developers conference. I, with my maccessibility buddies followed the event on several news sites and I can’t tell you how fab it is to share some of my passions with such great people. I get super excited at these conferences, about the new features as I’m always so confident Apple will implement accessibility where they absolutely can. Monday was not a disappointment. In some ways it was a brilliant surprise. I enjoyed watching the keynote in full afterward and really relished in the video they shot on how apple products and some developers have changed people’s lives with disabilities. That made me smile. It was almost like Apple were saying, hey, Developers, here’s what you can do and yes, these people use our products too. So we now know Mountain lion is out next month, my birthday month so how super excited am I? iOS6 is due out in the autumn and hopefully that shall bring a new iPhone too. šŸ™‚ So Monday was a very happy day for me. I’m always happy talking and learning about things Apple. Tuesday was quiet, well quiet ish. I worked pup for a long walk on Tuesday and went shopping, only food shopping, nothing exciting with the parents. Then yesterday, which was Wednesday, Bailey, V**** and I went into Manchester to do some shopping. I got dad’s father;s day pressie and some cards I needed and quite a few other things. We also visited Apple and played with the iPhone 4S. My sister was really impressed with it. I have to say, when I finally get the new generation iPhone, I will probably use Siri quite a bit, especially with some of the new iOS6 features. We ate in Manchester, only Micky D’s but I had their new starbursts milkshake. OMG! Amazing! We spent like an hour in Disney which was fun. I always love going there with my sister as we both love going into the store together. A good, fun filled day was had and then today took Bailey for a free run in the, wait for it——-sunshine. yes, it was sunny here today. Also had some fabulous twitter and skype chats with people. I’m really lucky with the circle of people I have in my life right now. And hopefully this summer is a decent one. I can but hope. Well, going to chill and see what tonight brings. And tomorrow, meant to be having my hair trimmed and going for lunch with mum. So we’ll see if she and I are still talking by then. And riding this weekend! šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ Hugs MJ

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