Jubilee Weekend

I was one of those people growing up who didn’t really appreciate the connection between me as an individual and the place I came from, in my case Great Britain. I’ve always been interested in history but never truly appreciated the vast history we as British people have in our very own heritage. Only this past weekend have I truly appreciated the greatness our country has been and currently is and realised the connection between being me and being a British citizen. I remember the Queen’s golden Jubilee but I was eighteen and quite disinterested in it. I have surprised myself on how much I’ve taken interest in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. I’ve found the culmination of modern input and traditional components of this diamond Jubilee celebrations beautiful and fascinating. From the pop concert outside and on top of Buckingham palace to the ceremonial procession down the Mall and the church service at Saint Paul’s Cathedral. I watched with great anticipation on the river pageant and admired the Queen’s stead fast attitude to watch every moment of the pageant despite the very British weather of pouring rain. Monday brought a garden party with friends and the sun actually shone. Then we watched the concert on television and a shot of pride rose within me when me and three of my friends stood and sang the national anthem with the crowds on television at the close of the concert. Tuesday I watched some of the Thanks giving procession that was held in her majesty’s honour and despite some of the horrifically misconstrued comments on Twitter I saw from Americans and those outside of the common wealth, I was proud to be British and felt thankful for one of the first times in my life of being English and having such a culture to have grown up in. I have never been anti-monarchist but I’ve never had the sense of fondness I feel for them now until recent months. When Prince Charles gave the speech at the end of the Jubilee concert, I felt a warmth for our future king but hope her majesty has a good few years left. If you haven’t grown up here, and with the current economic climate, I can almost understand why the comments I’ve seen about the money we’re spending on the jubilee and Olympics during the recession come from but at the same time, it is a part of our heritage and the queen and royals help this country generate tourism like nothing else. The Olympics come around once in a lifetime for a country and so that money was being spent before the current economic climate, we couldn’t just stop mid flow. Besides, for once in a long time, the world got to see Britain and British people in our best light. So here’s to my Queen and thank you for the sixty years you have dedicated your life to serving us, the best we could do as your loyal subjects is show the world how much we love you and your family and we definitely achieved that this past weekend.

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