Enjoyable Ride

I decided to have a very relaxed ride and enjoy it thoroughly today and I was so happy that was exactly what I got. I rode the pretty mare today who I am falling in love with more and more each time I ride her. The nice thing was, today I had her owner walk with us. This pretty pony was not as excitable as a few weeks ago but she was still very forward. Trots were very collected and when we went onto the field so were her canters! It was a pleasure to ride her today. Even on the back lane where we have on some occasions failed to get a canter, had a beautiful one that was so collected and I was so in my seat I was ultimately proud of myself. Always nice to ride well on someone else’s horse when they can see it as opposed to you riding very badly on their horse. Something I’ve been realising the past few weeks is the pure difference between riding school horses and non riding school horses. And I know which I prefer. When we got back to the yard, I actually filled a hay net by myself to give to Bella as she had little hay in her stable. I like to be useful and the more I do the more confident I feel about myself and the better I get about doing the things around the yard. I thoroughly enjoyed this ride today which was my main goal. Thanks for reading, Marie

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  1. Always happy to read you’ve had such an enjoyable ride. These are the ones you have to remember when you get the odd bad day! Good luck today. Hope it stays dry for you 🙂

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