London Transport For the Games and bailey’s Debut TV appearance

You may remember I went to London a month or so ago with Bailey. I couldn’t disclose why then but now, I can. Guide Dogs had put out a request on their FaceBook page for any Guide Dog owners who would be travelling to the Olympic or Para Olympic games this summer in London. I contacted them as I have tickets to two of the equestrian events. After a lot of organising, channel 4 News invited me to London to see how the transport would fair with disabled passengers. We were going to test the London cabs. As many Guide Dog Owners will know, getting a cab can be very problematic for a variety of reasons. We cannot see cabs so hailing is very difficult in the first place but being ignored or blatently refused because of our dogs is on the increase. The Olympic committee claimed that London transport is %100 accessible so Channel 4 news decided to test that theory. Here is the link to the website. I cannot get this to play on the mac so you may need a windows machine. News item I’ve had some lovely comments from people, especially about Bailey. All I can say is that dog is a true super star in my eyes and I am very proud of him. Hope you enjoy the news item and find it as disturbing and interesting as I did to help make it. Hugs Marie

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