Beautiful Ride With Bella

It has been baking in the UK this week so I wasn’t expecting much from today’s ride except a lovely walk and maybe a few nice trots and lots of sweaty ponies. When I got there, there was only bella left which was more than OK with me but I did think to myself, gotta put extra work into little Miss this morning. She can be a stubborn mare at times and only do what she wants to. But how pleasantly surprised I was to ride up hill on her with forward steps and very little of my asking today. Our first trot started well then she decided we were done. I kicked on but nothing else was going to happen. I virtually was on my own with her today as I’ve often been. Another nice walk and a further trot then down the cobbles where she can be a pain. She wasn’t. Tried to do her own thing, put my legs on and she realised we were not playing games. At the bottom of the cobbles, a great trot that lasted all the distance. I was so happy as she had been a pure dream for me today in the sunshine. On the back lane, I seriously was not expecting to canter. If you remember, she’s the one horse famous at our yard to be difficult to get into canter. I rode by myself, as I have on most of that ride and canter we did. Admittedly only for two strides but this is only the second time I have gotten beautiful Bella to canter for me at all. I was mighty proud and gave her lots of cuddles when we got to the yard. I was going to ride again but plans changed so hopefully riding twice tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it as the weather has given good again tomorrow. Happy hacking! Marie

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