Lets Get real

Being real and honest is something this government cannot do very well. True, it may be said for every other government ever to rule a country but I wasn’t a twenty-eight year old blind woman trying to get a job and live in society as best I could before now. I’ve made mistakes and bad choices, who among us haven’t? I haven’t asked for help when I should but doesn’t that go for everyone, regardless of ability? I will happily hold my hands up and say, part of the reason I don’t have a degree at present is due to my own lack of ability to fight for my education and the support I needed but also down to the failures of those who were meant to support me. I’m not afraid of hard work. You ask anyone. I’m the first person to ask if I can help in any way. Sadly, the opportunities do not always arise. But whenever possible, I will help out. I have a very huge desire to work. And although some others who are blind may argue I am not doing enough to get a job because they are in employment and so should we all be, I argue that location, my lack of experience and qualification sadly count against me. The amount of jobs I look for and read the job description and instantly get the feeling of utter dismay as I realise I am not qualified or experienced enough to even have a shred of confidence I can do the job is unbelievable. No, despite some people’s belief, I have not stopped looking but in all honesty, in the incredibly visual world, I’m not at all sure what I can physically do anymore. Being so unsure of what job I can do is really affecting me. I plan to start an open university degree this September to see if having a degree helps any. But talking to others, it doesn’t always make a difference. The employment culture is so affected by the recession at the moment that working without a disability is not as a sure thing as it once was. All the jobs the government keep telling everyone to go for just do not exist. And if you are limited by a disability, the gap narrows dramatically. I know people who are self employed and I admire them greatly. Sadly, I do not feel I have any particular talent I can market to the world or even a product I could sell that would make me a self employable person. These sound like excuses, I know but I feel the real story should be told as the government keep knocking up their lies to justify their cruel and misleading cuts to the welfare system. Reforming DLA for example is absolutely ludicrous! Without it I would be completely isolated from the world on every level and depend on my family to do everything for me and take me everywhere. I’d be inactive and costing the NHS more money as without my DLA I wouldn’t be able to pay to get to and from places like swimming or horse riding and such. I wouldn’t have a computer that enables me to search for jobs and manage my financing. I wouldn’t be able to afford and then maintain and replace products I use to label or identify and measure independently. This government want us to work so we can pay for those things by ourselves because according to Ian Duncan Smith, we should be used to our conditions after three years. Sure, I’m used to being blind but doesn’t make the world a more accessible place just because I’m used to it. It means the opposite. The more I learn to be independent with the help of DLA, the harder the hit will be when it is taken away. There was a new idiotic blurb out of someone’s mouth, I fail to recall who said it now, but disabled people are perceived to be bullies. This is obviously down to the level of legislation, making all public areas have ramps for wheel chair access, and the permission of guide dogs to be allowed in public areas along with other assistance dogs. If disabled people fighting back against this cruel and hateful government and all its followers is bullying, then I’m glad we’re not the biggest bullies in the yard. They are! I’m so angry, I cannot actually put a lot of what I want to say in words so may edit later.

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