Mixed Week

I have had a mixed week. it’s not been entirely horrible. I started the week in London on a particularly interesting adventure which I can’t divulge too much about just yet. Lets just say this much about the entire trip, I felt confident and happy in London. I had a fabulous blond puppy dog by my side and I truly realised what Bailey gives me every time we go out to work. He worked like a pro even though London isn’t familiar to either of us. I was the proudest mummy in the world. šŸ™‚ I came home and had a chill day on Wednesday. I felt tired as I didn’t sleep so great at the hotel and Thursday Bailey and myself and my sister went for a free run. He’s not been able to do that as she’s been heavily pregnant but now she’s had the baby she’s back to helping me free run the pup and he loved every minute of it. We had to remind him how to be a good boy on recall but that’s no huge thing. He listened by the end of the run so that’s a great sign. Dad went on his annual golfing trip this past weekend. Usually, every year we have a party as dad’s somewhat of a social grump. So mum and I went food shopping on Friday which I offered to pay for. I bought a good amount and only a few people showed up. Needless to say I wasn’t overly impressed. Its safe to say, mum and I discussed it, we’re not having the party again next year. We’ll just do something ourselves. If people didn’t want to come, they should just say. Anyway, not even concerned about it now, moved on. And thanks to Pearl, Simon, my sister Vicki, little Kai and the baby who showed up for the grande event lol. And my neighbour Gill who was sick all day and still popped in for an hour. Maybe its time the party got retired anyway. šŸ™‚ Today’s been a bank holiday and boy do I wish I was riding today. Been up at the yard this weekend and poor Shadow is lame along with Bella now. Had some good and interesting rides. My legs are killing today thanks to a certain tall, cheeky bay. šŸ™‚ Anyway, not much else to report. Hope everyone’s well. Hugs, MJ

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