So I finally fought the stupid booking people and went into hospital yesterday morning. I arrived, with the kind help of a neighbour who drove me down early and we wandered around, waiting for the day service unit to open. I was expecting repercussions on me cancelling the ambulance but arrived, gave my name and was sent to wait. Normally, they won’t let carers or relatives stay but I figured they thought I’d be less trouble for them if my neighbour stayed with me. was called into a room and asked a series of questions by a nice lady, ankle was measured for the stupid stocking things that they give you to prevent deep vain thrombosis. Then my anaesthetist came in. She was lovely. She was understanding about the sickness and reassured me she’d do her upmost to prevent it. I felt at ease with her and asked if she’d be my anaesthetist, and she said she would. Then saw my surgeon and he seemed much nicer than he did when I last met him. After a further wait, I was called through and said goodbye to my neighbour and went to get changed into the hospital gown and walked with a nurse to the place where you wait for surgery. I got onto the trolley thing and a nice nurse waited with me until the member of the anaesthetist team came and got me. I was wheeled into the room and Kate, the anaesthetist I saw earlier was there and was very reassuring again. I was chatting away while she did all she had to and heard my heart monitor and after a few deep breaths into the oxygen mask, I was away. next thing I knew, I was awake and was curious what was squeezing my arm. legs felt funny and yet no sickness. kate came over and asked how I was feeling, I said OK, and she told me good, and I thanked her for keeping me alive. lol. I stayed in recovery for a while and they allowed me to take off the oxygen mask. I asked if I could pee, she said only in a bed pan til I got to the ward so I declined. Soon a nurse arrived and the thing squeezing my arm by the way was the blood pressure cuff. My recovery nurse said I was a model patient and I was taken to the ward. I have to say the pre hospital thing was a nightmare but the staff were amazing. Had some great nurses and was taken very good care of. Didn’t come home until late but was so glad I had a good experience. Just hope my recovery goes well. Speaking of recovery, time to go wash my mouth out with salt water lol. Hugs MJ

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