What A Week

This week is not one I am in a hurry to repeat. It’s not been a very stress free one, on the opposite end of the scale and let me tell you, I was so relieved to get to the yard this morning and distress. Got a phone call on Monday about going in for my surgery. That’s where the stress began. They wanted me to go in at 12 noon on Sunday, simply because I had asked for an ambulance. I will not, I repeat will not be repeating that mistake again. I’m not sure why the care trust thinks they can waste their money on doing this. Having patients admitted almost 24 hours before purely because they had asked for assistance in getting to the hospital. That was the only reason, was told it twice! So no mistaking, my surgery is a day case. When I asked to cancel the ambulance, they told me they could not cancel. Could not cancel I repeat. Yet when I insisted today, after speaking to another person, funny how that ambulance got cancelled. On top of all this debacle, I’ve not actually had a letter saying anything about what I need to take with me. What’s that all about? I have no idea if to take pyjamas or slippers or toiletries, or all my meds. I have no clue. Seems a big disorganised mess if you ask me. Glad I didn’t back down though despite lots of people telling me I should just get on with it. My very nice neighbour is coming with me on Monday morning but I have a feeling this isn’t the last in the saga. So that has been playing on my mind all week naturally. Even my nurse said she couldn’t understand it and said she knew my anxiety levels would rise dramatically because I’d be alone in an unfamiliar environment without any way of getting anywhere. No one who has never suffered sight loss or a mobility restricting condition. Saying, just deal with it when you would literally be bed bound before surgery with no escape might not sound like a big deal to most, but that’s because most could get up and walk around, go for a walk outside or do something. Don’t have those options open but thank goodness it should be sorted. Went out with Hannah last night which was awesome! Was definitely one of the highlights of my week. We had to go to a few shops and Bailey was superb in Manchester. Worked like a new excited puppy again which was awesome! It was really busy and my puppy was just like, get out of the way, coming through. Grabbed McDonalds and then headed to the pub where we preceded to drink, chat, drink, bitch and drink some more. 🙂 Was a fab night and after 3 pints of water, ginger and lemon tea I headed to bed and hoped I wouldn’t be too hungover. Bailey had half his tea in the pub as I’d forgot to take his whole dinner but he got some of it while we were chilling which made him happy. We did have an incident in the first pub we tried. The bouncer told us he had to ask the manager and we informed him it would be breaking the law if they refused bailey entrance but he insisted on going asking so we left and told him they’d be receiving a letter from us. My best friend is determined about fighting for people’s rights. She’s a good person to have alongside. Got up this morning and had a great ride on a new pony so if you’re interested about that check it out on my Riding Blog I’ll keep you updated but just chilling watching how high and will be prob sleeping soon. Talk soon, Hugs, MJ

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