Poem: If I were a Child

What would I do if I could be a child? I’d run around screaming loud, Jumping up and down with joy, Pick up my skipping rope, Or run to find my favourite toy. I’d hide in quilts and pretend they were caves, Off the shore of some magic place, I’d lie on the carpet and swim somewhere hot, Tropical with fish, mermaids, you know the lot? I’d bounce around upon my bed, And scream yahoo while I shake my head, Ridding my curls of the bees and things, And whacking the lampshade to part the trees, I’d jump off the bed as though it was a cliff, Land in the tropical ocean and go for a swim, I’d find the secret cupboard, That’s not a secret at all, Pretend the shoes were stones and the clothes cobwebs on the wall. I’d chase the next door cat, Pretending it was bigger than what it were, It’s tabby coat no longer that fur, But striped and big and golden. I’d walk to school but not walk yet ride, Astride my esteemed steed with pride, I’d pretend I was bigger and all grown up, As I opened the cash register in my very own shop, I’d dress in grown up clothes and be a star, And yell at the children to get in the car, I’d ring the bell for the start of school, And leap off of the garden steps into my mansions’ pool. I’d go on adventure with my wand in hand, Meet the goblins and other creatures of this fine magical land, I’d fight trolls and ghosts and monsters too, And speak to the Gods before half past two. I’d write to the queen and be invited to Tea, Then I’d steel one of her corgis and dare I? Yes, flee. I’d jump ship with Dick Whittington and take care of his cats, Fight pirates and meet Pocahontas and then come on right back. I’d sing a fairy tale right before my tea, And fall down the stairs, Just banging my knee. And as bedtime creeps in and I’m all alone, I’d pretend president Obama was on the phone, I’d say goodnight, God Bless, and I hope you sleep well, But about my little adventures, You must never tell, Because what happens in a child’s day is between you and me, And we’ll never tell mummy how we got that scraped knee. So before you shut away the child inside, Take a moment to remember And Smile!

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