Sick and shit

Just a quick update. Mum finally shared her disgusting cold with me and I’ve been sniffling and snotting for the past few days. My nephew arrived this morning. Both sister and her new son are healthy. Bailey’s working like a dream again but there’s stuff going on right now that has my head a little messed up. Nothing serious but just because I don’t want to talk about it doesn’t mean people have the right to keep going on about it. Had someone drag a close friend of mine into shit because I have been ignoring them as they were getting suffocating with their constant questions. I know they care but if I want to share I’ll share. Pushing me and constantly messaging me and asking shit and assuming shit only makes me retreat more. I was really pissed off this person dragged someone they didn’t even know into the situation. That was completely stepping over a line. I was totally annoyed. Anyway, not much else to say. When other shit happens I’ll let you know if I want to. Hugs MJ

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