Contrasted Rides

This weekend was a true contrast. I rode Shadow on Saturday and had a reasonably good ride on him. Yesterday however, Sunday, was a different story. I won’t say they were bad or even unproductive rides, they were just hard work! I rode Bella first who was being a bit of a moody mare. I had to be very bossy both with leg and vocally with her yesterday. Never even got her into a canter. Then i rode Harry who was in a very Harry like mood, ploddy and just simply hard work. My legs got a fantastic work out yesterday but Harry did surprise us all and got him from halt into a canter on the back lane. So despite all the hard work, it really paid off for me in the end. I have had a brief canter on Harry once before but this was a proper canter so was pleased with it. I hope next weekend brings more fun and games with the horses. Marie

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