Self Driving Car.

After watching this video that demonstrates the google self driving car, I’m intrigued and sort of excited. while when I first heard of this, I was really apprehensive and quite cynical of the technoligy, the video shows a world I only dream of living in. No more having dad pick me up from the yard or waiting in the rain while I wait for a bus or enduring long journeys by bus to places. I’d be able to go to shopping places like the retail park alone or drive my mum with me who doesn’t drive. I’d be able to take myself to hospital appointments instead of waisting an entire day waiting for transportation to and from the appointments. It’s a world away for commercial use, I have no doubt but never in my life time did I expect to see such a car in existence let alone one that had been prototyped already. There will be downfalls, of course. Technology fails and that is my biggest concern. No matter what happens, technology is not perfect. But even still, the idea is somewhat exciting to me. As someone who has dreamt for the longest time of living in California, and one of the biggest reasons against those dreams is that everyone drives everywhere, this would combat that one worry in my head. I hope during my lifetime, we can see this prototype a living reality and people with mobility issues and blindness especially can just possibly utilise this incredible piece of technology. And Google, if you need a British person to test it, I’m willing! 🙂

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