Good And Positive Update

I was in a real mood on Wednesday but I already knew that. Things have gotten better since then thank goodness. I had my hospital appointment and I am now waiting to hear when my surgery will be. Friday was my biggest worry. I was meeting Bailey’s GDMI [guide dog mobility instructor] to see how he would work in Manchester after his little episode. So early yesterday, we got on the bus and headed into Manchester. My instructor called to say she’d hide once she knew we were coming in and watch from a distance so Bailey didn’t know she would be there. I felt like it was my qualifying walk all over again. We got off of the bus and I picked up his handle thinking, he’ll not want to do this. But no, off he trotted to which I thought, he must have seen her but he didn’t pull me toward anyone and just kept walking and following my directions. The paths were heaving, apparently the Queen was in the city visiting as part of her Jubalee tour of the UK. My GDMI had asked me to walk to the Arndale which is our mall in the city so Bailey and I headed down market street at a very good and positive pace. He weaved lovely through the crowds and wasn’t put off if someone walked in front of him. at the arndale door, I bent and patted him and my instructor came in beaming with the biggest German shepherd I ever saw. She was so pleased with him and we both came to the conclusion he must have been ill. I have my happy puppy back. We went for a coffee and chat and she was more than OK for him to work in busy areas again. You cannot believe my sheer relief. I sat in StarBucks, with a gorgeous penini and coffee reading and texting my friend and chatting on the phone. It was very warm and getting busier so instead of shopping like I had planned, I decided to head to the bus stop and wait for our bus. My lovely Bailey worked so hard all the way and it was a pleasure to have him back by my side. 🙂 I’ve been riding today and it was gorgeous again. Still doing OK with the horses. Back there in the morning. better go to bed soon as the clocks are going forward tonight. So i’ll catch up with you all soon. Hugs MJ

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