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So I openly admit this is a grumpy bum post but I’m writing it all the same. First of all, this morning a taxi driver refused to take me because of Bailey. Stupidly, I didn’t get his number so I’m guessing I have no leg to stand on to call the licensing firm. And I have to admit I didn’t even ask him why he wouldn’t take him. I was more concerned about getting to where I needed to be this morning. I won’t be using that cab company again. I told them I had a dog. On another note. I’m tired of a lot of blind people. People I know and people I’ve met online. Why you may ask? For a variety of reasons. And this is just my own personal encounters. I grew up in a very mainstream environment, I have sighted friends that I consider real friends more than blind ones. I have nothing against blind people, that would be stupid and some I know are as normal as it goes. But there are some that think the world should land in their lap because they’re blind. There are those who constantly separate the two “worlds” so to speak. We all live in the same world. And yes, some sighted people will never get what its like to be blind but I have some incredibly fabulous sighted friends and people I meet so that’s just not always true. There is this whole drama thing too. Blind drama has to be amongst the most pathetic I’ve ever come across and I seriously want no part in it. And this constant need to date someone or be with someone, in physical or internet based relationships is baffling. I know sighted people do this, so its not necessarily blind specific but if you’re blind, the whole freaking blind community has to be involved. And this does not by any means apply to all blind people I know. I know some people in a very functional relationship who have met online but they physically go and see each other, its not just based on the internet. And fickle? I’ve never known a bunch of people so fickle! One minute they like one thing but when the trend changes, they like another. Talk about jumping on a band wagon. Maybe it seems so much magnified because the “blind community” is so small especially now because of the web but it sort of drives me insane just a little bit. I’ll get an android phone, because its cool, then a month later, oh I got an iPhone. And the fact that they think their actions suffer no consequences? You hurt someone or lie or break something and there’s zero consequences because you’re blind? Really? That’s not how the real world works. And the level of double standards! Wow! One minute you want equality and then you want special treatment. No wonder the rest of the world is confused by our real needs. This is a complete rant, I’m not intending it to be anything but and I’m certainly not saying I’m perfect either but I’m just seeing a lot of this stuff happening at the minute. And why do blind people all have to be friends with each other? We all have different interests. You don’t have to follow or friend everyone else your blind friend follows or friends just because they’re blind. Find your own friends through interests and maybe we won’t have all this bloody drama going on. A part of me wants to delete my facebook and twitter today and block people on email and such because I’m tired of being hounded or tweeted at or friended by people who have just a disability in common with me. I write a bio for a reason. I know some fabulous people who are blind and I know some blind people who are just grating on my last nerve. You don’t have to tweet me/friend me because we’re both blind. In fact, if that’s the reason or you just want to get the most blind friends on twitter or facebook, could you kindly leave me out of it. If we have something in common and have a good banter, cool, but if not, and you want to start blowing up blind drama, leave me alone. Delete me, block me, whatever, I don’t care. The world’s a shitty place, we have to make the best of it we can. OK, so blind people that irritate me are dealt with. Now to my next topic. Similarly, I will never force someone to be my friend. Don’t’ wanna talk to me or whatever, or I’m just a cruise by until something more exciting comes along, piss off! I don’t want or need you in my life. I try to be there for people but I don’t have to be, got other shit to do with my time and people that I get something out of being friends with as they do from me are far more worth my time. I’m not a drop stop for a friendship. Not for anyone. If you only chat to me because your boyfriend hasn’t called or you’re not with the people you wanna be with and then once that happens, its see ya later, don’t wanna be ya, then do me a favour and cut me lose now. I’m not being second best to anyone, ever! Not again so quit treating me like that. I’m not saying you have to talk to me all the time by any means but just don’t think I’m always there when you’re at a lose end just because I lead a dull life. I have friends, its cool, I don’t need part timers. Don’t make empty promises and by promises I don’t mean promises, I mean, saying you’re always there when you have no intention to be there unless it suits you doesn’t count as being a friend. Today, at a school filled with 4 to 11 year olds, I realised, they learnt about blind people and how they did things differently but I tried to show them too that we still do all the things they like to. Stop separating us all the time. Sighted and blind people can have friendships, its about educating. I don’t even know where I’m going with this rant now. I’m tired of a lot of people at the minute. Very few have escaped my annoyances today. Like I said earlier, too tempted to hit those delete buttons on facebook and twitter accounts. I want out of the “blind world” and stay in the “normal one”. And before people start leaving me stupid comments, don’t bother. I’m only writing this because its how I feel, not to get creative feedback or criticism.

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